Letters to the government: Volume-6

Fraudulent Schemes of Union Government:

Prime minister Narendra Modi became world’s most popular leader with 77%
approval rating as per the Morning Consult Political Intelligence Survey. Many
living in India are surprised to see Modi’s raising popularity and lack of
anti-incumbency even after eight years of BJP rule.

We all know that ruling party in India will ridicule opposition, suppress
dissenters and will appreciate bullies who will sing the glory of ruling party.
This practice existed in India even during Congress rule. Soon after Narendra
Modi became prime minister in 2014, they created a systematic approach to belittle
anyone who disagrees with them, to hijack elections and to make constitution meaningless.

The BJP leaders and cadres will not miss an opportunity to talk about
emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. What NDA is doing since 2014 is more or
less what Indira Gandhi did during emergency. Of course, there are
anti-national elements who enjoyed certain level of freedom during Congress
rule due to vote bank politics that exists in India since Independence. So, it is
inevitable to take harsh measures against them. But using UAPA, sedition charge
and encounter on law abiding citizens for protesting against anti-people
policies, restricting the freedom of press by making their business cumbersome and appeasing media
with generous amount of government advertisement is not acceptable. Abuse of
legislative powers to control independent constitutional bodies like court and
election commission is not in the national interest.

Extensive use of central agencies like enforcement directorate and CBI against MLA’s,
is a strategy used by Union government to topple state governments. They call
it, ‘operation Lotus’. Union government toppling previous Puducherry government
days before election, purchasing MLAs and taking-over power from the elected
government in Karnataka are examples of it.

Recently, supreme court justice K M Joseph observed that previous UPA
government had six Chief Election Commissioners (CECs) in just eight years. And
from 2015 till 2022, we have had eight CECs in just seven years. The full term
of a CEC is six years or till the age of 65 years (which ever is earlier) as
per section 4 of the 'Conditions of service of Election Commissioners and
Transaction of Business Act 1991’.

The union government deliberately picks someone who will attain the age
of 65 in six months or an year to ensure that the CEC is replaced every year,
or within six months. Recently, the announcement, application, selection, appointment
and declaration of appointment of new CEC took place in just a day. Supreme
court of India has challenged this undue haste in the process.  

The business community, especially the corporates are happier than ever about
Modi’s governance. Those who think that India belongs only to Hindus are
extremely happy, but are unaware that the government is taking the country for
a damn ride. It is true that the present union government is doing far better than
UPA I and II. It is not limited to development, ease of doing business and welfare.
They are far better than the previous government in misleading public with
fraudulent schemes. I am explaining one such scheme called MUDRA.

I am sure that some of you are familiar with
the above picture. You can click on the above picture to visit this facebook page,
which says prime minister Modi is fake.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is a scheme started in 2015. Union government
spent several crores to advertise this scheme so far, only to mislead the public.
One will see expensive hoardings in busy areas in metropolitan cities, paid ads
in electronic and print media about this scheme, which actually does not exist.
The banks are either unaware of this scheme even after all the ad spends, or
are not entitled to reveal it.

Two years ago, I had a MSME registered in Chennai. I applied for loan
under Mudra Yojana from Federal Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. Both the banks
rejected my application without a reason for rejection. I published an article
about the same in old site.

Few months ago, I applied for loan under Mudra through Stand Up India Portal.
The application did not reach any lender and was removed from the portal.

One will be surprised to know that most of the things you see online
about Mudra Yojana are created and maintained by fraudsters. Even the brochures
online which explains the scheme is created and maintained by fraudsters. All
of it will have Modi’s picture. It is free publicity for BJP and Modi. It helps
these fraudsters to cheat unemployed youths by promising loans to start self

I visited  https://mudraonlineloan.org/#apply to submit loan application. There is an option to download their app. I
did so. I applied for loan through the app. They spoke to me over the phone.
They took photo copy of my Aadhaar card, pan card, a photo of me and my savings
account details through Watsapp. They sent a pdf.file with prime
minister Modi’s picture on it. As per that pdf.file, there is a processing fee
of ₹2600/-. I made the payment. Later they wanted me to transfer another ₹6550/-.
I understood that it is fraud. I contacted Cyber cell and my bank.

Email sent to Police Cyber cell:

Respected sir/madam,

This is to inform you that I am a victim of Cyber crime and lost ₹2600/-.

I informed this issue to Cyber cell by calling 1930. They took few
details from me. They told me to fill the rest using the link and login
credentials sent by them in an sms.

The sms states that the complaint will be ignored, if these details are
not provided within 24 hours.

I entered my name, address and date of birth.

But I am not able to fill details about the incident. I am not able to
upload evidence which probably will help you in the investigation.

I understand that ₹2600/- is not too big an amount. But every rupee I
spend is hard earned. And how many are being deceived everyday is not known to

I am extremely sorry to bother you with this issue. Unfortunately, these
are the email address available on your website for citizens to reach out to
your department.

Issue in detail:

I was trying to apply for MUDRA loan online and I downloaded MUDRA app
from Google Play Store.

 I am not able to locate the exact
link which prompted me to download the app, but the name of the app and it’s
interface is same as what you see when you click on the following link; 

I filled my contact details for Mudra loan on 24 July 2022. I received
calls, sms and watsapp messages from them on 25 July 2022.

Their Watsapp number Is ;91 82749 61037.

And the toll free number to call is; 1800 889 0466.

They asked me to send my pan card, Aadhaar card, passport size photo and
bank statement. I did so. Then they sent me a pdf stating that my loan has been

They asked me to pay ₹2600/-, the processing fee.

I transferred ₹2600 to the following account;


Account number: 0084000107882884

IFSC Code: PUNB0753800

BANK : Punjab National Bank.

After transferring the amount, I received an email from my bank stating
that the amount is transferred to someone by name ANUSUYA MUKHERJEE.

I received an sms from them today morning ( 26 July 2022), stating that
loan amount of ₹50,000 along with processing fee of ₹2600/- has been credited
to my account.

I checked my bank account and the money wasn’t there. I called them on
their WhatsApp number. The person who answered phone said that I will get a
call from the bank.

Later, I got a call from 91 82740 80962. He wanted me to pay another
₹6550/-. I realized it is fraud and asked them to repay my ₹2600.

Let me tell you that I run a news website (www.flamesofdissent.com), where I sell banking and insurance products.

Such fraudsters are a real threat to e-commerce industry. People will
loose their faith in e-commerce. What is even more disturbing is that they are
using the picture of our prime minister, Mudra logo and the name of the scheme.
I wonder how they were able to maintain their web presence so far?

The lukewarm response from police personnel answering the phone and my
past experience makes me think that there isn’t any point in approaching

I doubt your willingness to help and not the efficiency of police

Therefore, kindly investigate this and make sure that those responsible
are punished. I would appreciate it, If I could get my money back into my

I have attached all necessary documents and pictures for your reference.
Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Warm regards,

Prasad Babu

Mobile: 91 76038 64236

Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com

Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Email sent to National Crime Records and ADGP Crimes in Cyber cell:

To: ncrpkerala.pol@kerala.gov.in, adgpcrimes.pol@kerala.gov.in

Subject: Requesting you to suspend, or to
take appropriate action against those irresponsible officers in your

To whomsoever it may concern:

Respected sir/madam,

This is to inform you that on 26 July 2022, I
lodged a complaint (Acknowledgement No. : 31507220003851) over the phone. Then
I filled few details on your portal using the link received through sms and
sent you an email.

The petition was regarding cyber crime, which
is fraud and me loosing my money.

I received an acknowledgement sms on the
following day. Two days later, I received an sms stating that the complaint is

People whom I spoke to in police said that the
issue will reflect on National crime records. It is possible that the petition
details will go missing from National crime records in no time.

I was asked to visit nearest police station to
file FIR, upon calling the number I got through sms.

Let me tell you that the issue was updated on
National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal and it is not just about me loosing ₹2600/-.

It is about someone using our honorable prime
minister Modi’s picture, name of a Union government scheme (Mudra) and the logo
of MUDRA for fraudulent activities. And it is not against someone wealthy and
influential. Instead, it is against some petty fraudsters.

I see the above mentioned website is operating
even now. The issue should be taken up by Cyber cell even before someone
becoming a victim. Same like how the police will question strangers in doubtful
situation during night patrol.

But here, they are in a hurry to get rid of
their responsibility.

I don’t understand why we have Cyber cell? If
I am not wrong, the government is spending a lot of public money to stop crime,
and to maintain law and order.

And if I am not wrong, people in cyber cell do
not have to stand in hot sun, bare with dust and smoke emitting from vehicles,
throughout the day like traffic police. People in cyber cell also do not have
to deal with bomb threat, arson, political violence, stone pelting from
protesters or a commotion. I know people at cyber cell bully innocent law

citizens, by consistently monitoring their
telephone calls and internet activities.

So, I demand appropriate action against those
responsible for closing the above mentioned petition, which was done all in a

I request you to initiate action against the
fraudsters who are using our honorable prime minister’s picture, name of a union
government scheme and it’s logo to lure innocent people.

Let me inform you that I am sending a copy of
this email to PMO as well to ensure that I do whatever it takes to end this nonsense.

I expect all sort of help and cooperation from
police department in weeding out such issues, which is a shame for our country.

I have attached a copy of the sms screenshot
for your reference.

Warm regards,

Prasad Babu

Mobile: 91 76038 64236

Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com

Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Complaint raised through PMO portal:

Home Affairs >> Crime related (Records,
prisons and cyber cell) >> Cyber Crime matters >> Grievance related
with cyber fraud/crime.

Your excellency,

Subject: Requesting you to initiate appropriate
action against those irresponsible officers in Kerala police Cyber cell. For
them, someone misusing our honorable prime minister’s picture, name of Union
government scheme (Mudra) and it’s logo for fraudulent activity is a joke.

This is to inform you that on 26 July 2022, I
lodged a complaint (Acknowledgement No. 31507220003851) with Kerala police
cyber cell, over the phone.

Then I filled few details on their portal
using the link received through sms and sent an email to cyber cell on the
following email address

 (ncrpkerala.pol@kerala.gov.in, adgpcrimes.pol@kerala.gov.in). 

The petition was regarding cyber crime, which
is fraud and me loosing ₹2600/-, for which our honorable prime minister Modi’s
picture, name of a Union government scheme (Mudra) and it’s logo is used.

Let me tell you that the issue was updated on
National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal and it is not just about me loosing
₹2600/-. It is about someone using our honorable prime minister Modi’s picture,
name of a Union government scheme (Mudra) and the logo of MUDRA for fraudulent
activities. My petition was not against someone wealthy and influential.
Instead, it is against some petty fraudsters.

Let me inform you that I am reporting this
issue in PMO portal because, I lost faith in Kerala police Cyber cell. It is
possible that the website will continue to operate from Maharashtra despite my

And that means more and more people will be
taken for a damn ride in the name of PM MUDRA YOJANA. And people who look for loan
(MUDRA-SISHU) are the poor unemployed youths. Someone cheating the poor people
in the name of MUDRA LOAN will result in serious dent on Prime minister’s


The Kerala police Cyber cell closed the case
without any investigation. They didn’t bother to block the website. It could be
due to their arrogance, or pittance they have towards law abiding citizens who
demand justice. It is even possible that these fraudsters could have offered
bribe. The website is operated by fraudsters, where they even have videos
of beneficiaries in different languages. PMO didn’t take it seriously, because
they have reasons to protect these fraudsters, who help union government to run
this fraudulent scheme. 

Later, I visited all the banks in my hometown.
What I understood from what they said is; all of them give business loans, if
the applicant is eligible. The eligibility criteria is; registered business
with transaction which is convincing for the bank to lend, or the applicant
should own collateral. In other words, there is no such unsecured loans given under
Mudra for unemployed youths to start business like what BJP leaders parrot.

For banks, the criteria for business loan is
same as what it was before union government announcing Mudra Yojana. Mudra Yojana
helps union government to spend public money on advertisement to mislead
public. Someone getting business loans due to bank balance, assets owned and
transactions will be termed as loans given under PM Mudra Yojana and BJP leaders
will talk about it as their achievement.

The manager in Punjab National Bank in my
hometown said that he cannot approve a loan, because I don’t own property and I
don’t have transactions which is good enough for loan. I explained him that he is
running a bank with a team of 6 to 10 people, where the building belongs to someone
and is on rent, the money they lend belongs to public and all they have is RBI
approval to operate bank. I told him that I wouldn’t have been in the bank
demanding loan, if I knew Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana is a scam.

Request raised through PMO portal for loan under PM Mudra Yojana:

Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Pradhan Mantri Mudra
Yojana (PMMY) Related >> Delay / Non-sanctioning of Loan

 Bank : Punjab National Bank

 Branch / Name of Bank and Branch :


 Your Excellency,

 This is to inform you that I been
trying to get a MUDRA loan (Shishu) from couple of months. I been to different
banks in my home town. Some of them said that they are not aware of the scheme,
while others said that they do not have such scheme.

I tried to apply online through UMANG which leads to STAND UP INDIA
PORTAL. I submitted an application a week ago. My application was not processed
and didn’t reach any lender. Instead, it was removed from the STAND UP INDIA
PORTAL by someone.

I tried to apply for MUDRA again
and ended up loosing ₹2600 . It was a fake website created by some fraudsters,
where they use Prime minister Narendra Modi’s picture, name of the scheme
(MUDRA) and it’s logo.

I reported it to Kerala police
Cyber cell and they closed the case without any investigation, even after the
issue appearing on National crime records. I have already raised a complaint
(Docket Number: MINHA/E/2022/11494) against it with PMO, as it can malign the
reputation of our Prime minister.

The pdf attached contains more information about me and explains about
various skills which will help me earn and live a dignified life. And Pradhan
Mantri Mudra Yojana promises to provide financial assistance for self-employment
for individuals with one of these skill. Each one of the business model I am
explaining in the attached pdf are in the drop-down menu of MUDRA loan
application in STAND UP INDIA PORTAL.

 Therefore, kindly help me get a
bank loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

 Jai Sriram.

raised through PMO portal after their initial attempt to close the case:

Yesterday someone by name
Srividya (mobile number: 9188*****900) called me from Punjab National Bank in
Calicut and said that she received a complaint against Punjab National Bank
through PMO.

I explained to her that it
is a request for loan which was denied by the bank manager in Kuttipuram branch
saying, that he is not aware of the scheme which is there from several years.

Srividya who called me from
Punjab National Bank wanted to know if I have any saving account with Punjab
National Bank.

I said that I do not have a
saving account with them. Srividya wanted me to open a saving account with them
first and said that a savings account is not the criteria for loan. I don’t
understand why they want me to open saving account, when having a savings
account or not having it will not be the criteria for Pradhan Mantri Mudra
Yojana. Usually, banks will ask the customer to open a savings or business
account to deposit the loan, once the loan is sanctioned.

In the past, when I was in
Chennai, I applied for a loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana from Kotak
Mahindra Bank with whom I have a saving account opened through PM Jan Dhan
Yojana. And the loan application was rejected by them without any valid reason.

I spoke to Srividya from
Punjab National Bank in Calicut today and explained to her that the complaint
raised through PMO is actually a request for a loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra
Yojana and to help me with loan application.

And all she could say is to
open a savings account first with Punjab National Bank. She was concerned about
why I mentioned Punjab National Bank and why not other banks?

This is not the kind of
response I expected after raising this complaint through PMO. If there are such
loan given to thousands of unemployed citizens, then denying this option for me
is discrimination and denial of opportunity.

Therefore, kindly help me to
get a Mudra-Shishu loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

Jai Sriram

Email sent to Punjab National Bank head office to whom PMO assigned my complaint:


PMO Grievance registration
number : DEABD/E/2022/57069

To whomsoever it may

Respected sir/madam,

This is to inform you that I
have raised a request for a loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, which is
Mudra-Shishu (50,000).

The request raised through
PMO was sent to someone in Punjab National Bank in Calicut by name Srividya and
she spoke to me over the phone.

Later, I visited branch in
my home town (Kuttipuram). I spoke to the branch manager and he was not

I informed PMO that people
in PNB are not willing to lend for those who do not have an account with PNB.
Same is mentioned by your staff to PMO.

I informed PMO that I have
Savings account with two other banks. But they forwarded my request to PNB
again. This means, people in PMO are aware of procedure and guidelines of Mudra
loan under shishu. And they believe that it can be addressed by PNB.

I don’t mind opening a
savings account with PNB and may be you can transfer the loan amount into the
same account.

I believe that you know the
procedure and guidelines of Mudra loan under Shishu, more than your branch
manager in Kuttipuram.

I don’t have credit history
and a score. It is because, I was not fortunate to get credit facility from any
registered lender so far. This also means that I am not a defaulter. And people
in your bank are not willing to help me with the above said loan.

I have attached a document
which contains my business plan, equipment I wish to purchase and the
quotation. The quotation includes url of the seller, which you can verify from
your desk.

Therefore, kindly go through
the attached documents and please help me with this loan approval. I will repay
as per your terms and will be a proud customer of you forever.

Warm regards,

Prasad Babu

Mobile: 91 76038 64236

Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com

Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

My feedback after PMO closing the case:

The government is spending several crores a year to teach the procedure
for obtaining loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. The public money spent
for advertising Mudra never talks about a need for savings account in the same
bank to get Mudra. I have saving account in Kotak Mahindra Bank and even they
denied loan for me under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. This is nothing but a
textbook example of opportunity denial. There is an email which i already
drafted and it will be sent to PMO tomorrow. Trust me i am not trying to give
your government, a greed factor. I believe that a mudra loan of 50000 will help
me find solution for everyday problems of crores of Indians. I cannot work on
it without money. And i am born selfish like everybody else. So, i do not want
to share ideas for some of your leaders to become bigger patriot than they
actually are.

I am sure that 99% of people who apply for a loan under Prime minister Mudra
Yojana will not do half of what I did. The business plans I presented are
practical which I am able to run without the loan. So, isn’t it a national
waste that our union government is spending several crores a year to mislead

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