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Letters to the government. Volume-3

Law and order of convenience! In Hinduism, the belief is that the god (Lord Sri Krishna) exists in all living beings, and in non-living objects we see around. In Christianity, they say; In the beginning there was light. I am the light and those who believe in me will never walk in darkness. The words in Bible may not be same as what I used here, but the implied meaning is more or less the same. Every religion may have their own narrative for the same. I don’t like preaching any religion here in The question here is how much and how far we need these religion, gods and our beliefs? Each one of us may have different answers for the above question. I think the answer is needless to talk, if the question were to be something like; how many of us need food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment and justice?  Those who live in Kerala, or those who have visited temples in Kerala will be able to relate with this paragraph better. However, I will try to depict this b