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Common man Grappling with Distorted Democracies:

Common man Grappling with Distorted Democracies: Democracy is the system in most of the countries around the world. Democracy helps citizens to choose their leaders to run the government, where a party with majority that is more than half will get to rule. We were taught this, since our school days. I still remember a subject called ‘Civics’ in my primary school curriculum, exclusively meant for teaching democracy, constitution, executive, judiciary, bureaucracy and elections.  Prime Minister Modi met US president Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris in Washington, a day before UN general assembly, where they underlined the need for strengthening democracy and respecting human rights. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi termed India as “the mother of all democracies”, in his address on 25 September 2021, in United Nations general assembly. I don’t agree with his statement completely. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the 76th session of the United Nations General

USSR and USA were after Afghanistan for opium:

WORLD: USSR and USA were after Afghanistan for opium: Would you believe that USSR and USA were after Afghanistan for opium?  Afghanistan would have been a far better place for human existence, if the world around was ready to accept USSR having close relationship with Afghanistan. Afghanistan could have been a developing country with lot of employment and business opportunities.  Worse, it could have been another communist country with it’s people leaving a peaceful life and free from hard core fanatics. And this world could have been a better place, if Osama Bin Laden was not born on earth.  If you were to read this article after an year, then you will find mistakes in things that you agree with now. Similarly, we will find several mistakes, if we were to look at the world history. Today’s world is a result of those rights and wrongs. History, or the evolution of mankind tells that all the wars waged by us were for exhibiting our might, to establish one’s dominance and for wea

Diminishing Glory of UK and USA

The British empire had colonies across the globe. They were there everywhere on earth. Thus there was a saying that, ‘the sun never set on British Empire’, because always it was day time somewhere in the empire. Today United Kingdom is a developed country, but is loosing it’s significance day by day.  USA emerged as world leader, after British Empire. USA the superpower helped several poor nations and been a true world leader. Now, we see both USA and UK moving in the direction which will make them insignificant in few decades. The sole purpose of controversial Brexit’s was not just to end mango and curry war. It was an ambitious decision with an intention to make UK a more sustainable economy. But the people in UK and their lawmakers are still in the hangover of Brexit. They of course can blame Covid-19 and lockdown. USA on the other hand didn’t  make any such remarkable change in the recent past, other then voting out former US president Donald J Trump, after his first te

How far India can tolerate Chinese aggression?

     How far India can tolerate Chinese aggression after 1962 war, stand off at Dokhlam in 2017 and the skirmishes at Galwan valley last year? The 1962 war, the skirmishes at Dokhlam and in Galwan valley put together has killed hundreds of brave Indian army men. And I am of the opinion that a friendly relationship and mutual cooperation will help both countries and the world around.      On 5 September 2021, ‘India Today’ reported that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approval rating remains highest among thirteen global leaders surveyed by US based ‘Global leader approval tracker morning consult'. The survey concluded that PM Modi is ahead of thirteen global leaders which includes US president Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. It is the same ‘India Today’ who conducted a survey called ‘Mood of the nation' in August 2021 and concluded that prime minister Narendra Modi’s popularity fell from 66% to 24% in one year.      Back in 2010, Man Mohan Singh wa