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Karnataka election, a devil's bargain

BJP is a parasite. You could have seen, heard, or at least could have read about different types of parasites. It could be a tree, a plant, a creeper or even fungus growing on another plant or tree. Parasites will usually cripple the growth of the living being on which it grows. India became independent with several problems. One can say that those problems were dealt in the best possible manner. Some of those problems are partition which took place with lot of chaos. It resulted in violence, loss of life and livelihood of many.  Partition could have been done in an organized way without the chaos, if the then leaders in India were wise. Sangh Parivar blames Nehru and Congress for this. Sangh Parivar had their contribution in freedom struggle but were not big enough to liberate India. They were not big enough to form government. They also couldn't handle partition in an organized way. Now they blame Congress and Nehru. The world acknowledges Mahatma Gandhi as a father of our nat