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Who should be the next prime minister of India?

Nine years of BJP rule in India and just one question. Who should be the next prime minister? We are less than a year away from next general election. Congress is active across India with various campaigns. 'Nine years and nine questions', is part of their campaign. Recently Rahul Gandhi visited USA and many among IOC leaders abroad addressed Rahul Gandhi as future prime minister of India. What IOC leaders abroad and the Congress workers  in India say will only make Rahul Gandhi the prime ministerial candidate of UPA. But Rahul Gandhi can become prime minister, only if people elects UPA. Preparedness of Congress party to face next general election tells us that they can win few more seats than they have. But Congress will not be able to cross one hundred mark. If they win few more seats than what they currently have, then it is only because of the strong anti-incumbency. Congress has not done much to make people vote for them. Again, the question is, who should be the next prim