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Indian political discourse becoming increasingly toxic and divisive

Is it going to be INDIA V/s Modi in 2024? The UPA renamed their alliance as I.N.D.I.A. in the 2nd Opposition Meet in Bengaluru at The Taj West End Hotel. Soon, all opposition leaders started making statements like India will defeat Modi, India is against Modi, India will not tolerate Modi and so on. We all know that the opposition is trying to deceive INDIA.       At first, BJP leaders and workers condemned it saying that it is not everyone's India. Later, it became the topic of discussion at every political event. Recently, prime minister Modi mocked the opposition alliance in parliament saying that an 'I' stands for the haughtiness of 26 parties and another 'I' stands for the haughtiness of a family and the rest is NDA.   No other country allows a political alliance to abuse nation's name for electoral gains. For example, Donald Trump cannot rename his party or alliance as U.S.A. Keir Starmer cannot rename his party or alliance as U.K. Why is it allowed i