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Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav in Indian Politics

Once Gautham Buddha stopped at a Village and decided to stay there for few weeks. A women came to meet Buddha. She said that she has a six year old child at home. She was worried about her son eating lot of sweets. She said that her boy is not taking her advise seriously. She was of the opinion that a powerful monk like Buddha can probably make her son stop his unhealthy food habit. Buddha blessed her and asked the women to bring her child after a week. The women and the child came back to hermitage after a week to see Buddha. Lord Buddha spoke to the six year old and told him that consuming sugar in large quantity will spoil his health. Buddha advised him about the adverse effects of eating too much of sweets. Buddha told the boy that his mother is worried and the worry can spoil her health as well. After a while, the little boy and his mother left the hermitage. Few days later, lord Buddha was leaving the village to continue his journey. Villagers gathered on both sides of the stree