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Game Theory; AUKUS, Reinforced QUAD, China-Specific:

‘Game theory' uses computing and logic to predict what people will do when they are competing against each other. It tries to apply science to strategy. It creates a model that forecasts decisions and counter-decisions for a given scenario. According to declassified CIA report published by Yale University press in 1995, the game theory’s predictions has 90% accuracy rate. This theory is used by businesses. CNBC ran QUAD through game theory in February this year to know the future of QUAD. A report published by CNBC about the game theory applied on QUAD is available on Google for readers. I am presenting this topic here, because I believe the ‘Game theory' predictions are wrong.  As per the CNBC report, the prediction states that almost every country will join the QUAD against China other than few countries like Russia, North Korea, Pakistan. The world news in the last few days was all about Indo-pacific and Asia-Pacific. “China-specific” will be the more appropriate ter