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Democracy in India is a white lie.

The outcome of recent elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh was a movement of celebration for both BJP and Congress. Congress won a state election (Himachal Pradesh) after four years. It is a great achievement of new Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge. Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge . On the other hand,  BJP marked its historic win in Gujarat after being in power for 24 years in the state. People in Himachal Pradesh has not given mandate to incumbent government for a second term in more than four decades. BJP failed to break this tradition of alternate government in Himachal Pradesh.  BJP came to power in last Gujarat election with marginal victory. Hence, star campaigners like Modi and Amit Shah spent more time in Gujarat than in Himachal Pradesh. As per India today ,  Modi addressed 37 rallies and Amit Shah addressed 43 rallies in Gujarat. In Gujarat, BJP won 156 seats out of 182, while AAP was able to eat into Congress space by winning 5 seats. Three fa