2024 General Election and the Role of Political Leaders

  Analyzing the Unfolding Drama in India. The 2024 General Election results has been a much debated and scrutinized subject in Media. It has raised questions and concerns among the populace regarding the decision-making processes and the sensibility of the approaches taken. This election cycle has certainly challenged the conventional wisdom and provoked a reevaluation of the principles that underpin the democratic exercises in the country.   PM Modi along with alliance partner Chandra Babu Naidu and Nitish Kumar. The grand assurances given by both PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi can be seen as mere deception. If Congress leader Rahul Gandhi wants to become a big leader, then I will teach him how to be a great leader through Rahul Gandhi should openly communicate with the people of India on how his promises can be effectively executed. I will work towards ensuring the Modi government implements these measures, provided they are financially feasible. Engaging in deceitfu