The Paradox of Power

Exposing the Unequal Balance in democratic India. 

What is that one thing that you would like to change, if you were the next prime minister of India? To be more precise, what is that one issue in India which Modi failed to address in the last ten years?   

Narendra Modi is a great leader who is perfect to showcase as product of RSS. Millions of people from around the world has accepted Modi as a global leader. It includes people from Pakistan. Modi becoming the prime minister for third consecutive term will not amaze anyone. But all that glitters in the words of Modi are not exactly the gold

I think it is fair to measure the governance based on how the government treated you in the last five years. How police, revenue or transport department officials treated you. It could be how the PMO, or the court addressed your lawful demands?  

Protesting Indian wrestlers being taken away forcefully by police.
This is how our wrestlers were treated when they staged peaceful protest against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh for sexual harassment.  
India is the 5th largest economy in the world. Prime minister Modi promised that India will be among the top three economies in the world during his third term. PM Modi recently met with ministers to discuss the agenda for the first 100 days of his third term and the road map for Viksit Bharat by 2047. Now India is a global power, and we are heading to a new era of unlimited possibilities. However, a major obstacle stands in the path of Viksit Bharath, and Modi has made little progress in this aspect.   

Once Rahul Gandhi said that we have two India in our country. India of the poor and the India of the rich. people didn’t take it seriously because it was said by Rahul Gandhi. The two different India existed since Independence. Both rich and poor will elect people’s representatives, where the majority are poor. But the successive governments helped only the rich and appeased poor.  

Elephants visited Wayanad more times than Rahul Gandhi did since last election (This is including the recent visits for this election campaign). The probability of Rahul Gandhi’s victory is not assured anywhere in India, and Wayanad is no different.  

Chief justice of India (CJI) D Y. Chandrachud recently said in Nagpur that the Indian Judiciary will protect the Baker, the Candle maker and the butcher and will treat them equally. He also said that the priority is to protect the Baker and candle maker, but the constitution also protects the fundamental rights of the butcher as well. However, the reality is that who should become a butcher and who can become candlemaker is decided by the corrupt system. Often, judiciary will entertain the poor as Butcher and deny justice to save Candle makers.  

Common people in India are carried away by the fairy tales of Prime minister Modi, Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, chief justice of India, and others who spoke in the recent events like “India Today Conclave”.  

We need to understand and accept the reality as first step towards improvement. We cannot address an issue, unless we accept that there is an issue. The political leaders, Members of Judiciary and Bar associations, the bureaucracy are the top beneficiaries of this corrupt system since we became Independent. Being the top beneficiaries, they do not want to accept the reality. The government will justify serval incidents as exception or as "One-off situation". How many such exceptions are made in India every day?   Last year, during the presentation of the Budget, the Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman celebrated the fact that “per-capita income has more than doubled to Rs 1.97 lakh” since 2014Since then, the biggest debate between the NDA and the INDI alliance was about India’s per-capita income. Some of the arguments were that the price rise and inflation should be compared as well.   

What was not debated much is the fact that the Per capita income is calculated by dividing a nation’s combined income by its total population. In India, the top 5 per cent of the population owns more than 62 per cent of the country’s wealth. Per capita income is an average. The average masks the growing inequality. The actual debate should have been about the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the last two decades.  

 Think of the life you are living, your achievements, problems which you have overcome and those you are dealing with and your obligations. Now imagine how you could have handled the same life and problems, if you were not educated? We cannot compete globally and become a developed country unless we have the same public educational institutions as the one you see in developed countries. To create world class infrastructure for public education, the government should spend much more than 2% of GDP. It is the easiest way to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.  

In 2014, BJP came into power promising 100 smart cities in India. Ten years later, Bengaluru the Silicon Valley of India is in the verge of collapse. Floods like the one that occurred in August 2022 and the on-going water crisis in Bengaluru can cripple the city. Union government’s unwillingness to fix this issue talks volumes about Modi’s guarantee. BJP leaders like Tejasvi Surya representing the Bangalore South constituency do not want to discuss such issues. So, they prefer talking about ideal dietary preferences in the month of Sawan.  

Unemployment is one of the major problems in India. The union government failed to address this issue. Water conservation is a great way to create employment for millions of professionals and unskilled labours across India. I can help union government with a feasible and economically viable solution to create employment for millions. It will resolve problems like water shortage and floods in all major cities. Gradually, it can be implemented across India. Tejasvi Surya never felt the need to address the water crisis and floods in Bengaluru. See his response to climate change.  

There is no way we can be a developed country without increasing the spending for world class public health care. I believe that prime minister Modi is not dreaming about a prime minister like him laying foundation stone for a world class public health care facility in 2047. 

It is unfortunate that none in the union government felt the need for scientific research, or a study to understand the reason for increased number of rape and molestation in the last decade. We are producing a greater number of educated people every year. So, this numbers should have gone down with each passing year. The government failed to take initiatives to reduce the numbers, or to study the human behaviour. The government should have tried to understand the mental sickness that makes people have sexual attraction towards 4-year-old girl child or an adolescent.  

More than 75% of the amount spent for Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao scheme was for advertisement. Recently prime minister Modi said that he will distribute 1000 drones to villages and the women in villages will operate these drones. He said that it is to make the women in rural India get the feeling of being empowered. It is appeasement. If I were to apply the same logic, then spending 75% of the scheme’s amount for advertisement is to make women get the feeling of being empowered. And they call it " Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”.   

We don’t want schemes and public spending to make us get the feeling of “women empowerment” or “empowered India”. We want the government who can deliver their promises and it is the need of the hour. Issues like climate change, clean energy, water conservation, employment creation, world class education and public healthcare cannot be achieved by propaganda and rhetoric.   

Both opposition and ruling parties will create their own narratives to win elections. Each one of them will expect people to agree with their narrative. An opinion other than what is said by the opposition, or the ruling party is not acceptable. If there is an idea which is acceptable for the public, then the leaders will expect it to be theirs. 

Opposition in India is living in fool's paradise. It helps BJP to enjoy the public support like what Congress enjoyed during Nehru and Indira Gandhi’s era. Majority among educated supported Nehru and Indira Gandhi and the opposition at that point of time had no big promises. There is no doubt that Modi will get the votes of every farmer who gets ₹6000 a year. Our farmers are the owners of their land. But they earn less than a daily wage worker. The Modi government really didn’t do much to address this issue. Our farmers spend on cloths, consumer durables and ornaments by eating much less than those living in cities.    The government keeps talking about infrastructure development for farmers like cold storage. But we don’t see them even after 10 glories years of Modi regime. BJP’s manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections released by Modi on 14 April 2024 has more promises for farmers. 

Prime minister attended state dinner along with his friends like Ambani. I am sure that the agricultural revenue in India is much bigger than whatever Ambani’s worth is. If he can attend the state dinner offered by USA, then why not Modi take farmer’s leader who has a stake in domestic food production, exports and a say in politics. What if they wish to speak to American and European counter parts about issues relating to export rejection? Or, what if they want to request USA to stop dumping diluted agent Orange into India? We also do not want half-baked inventions like BT cotton and GM Mustard ruining our cultivable land.  

There were hundreds of new laws enacted since BJP came into power in 2014. All these laws are meaningless, if the law treats people differently based on their social status and wealth. Prime minister Modi said that his government is against nepotism and cronyism (Bhai Bathija-wad). Watch the video below to see what has not changed in the last ten years. 


In Lucknow-UP, the son of a judge threatened traffic police for towing away his car from a no-parking zone. Absolute abuse of authority which he is not entitled for. His arrogance is not due to ten years of Modi rule. He was brought up in this culture since childhood. This is not the way to treat a security guard at home. One can only imagine how an MLA or MP's son will speak to public servants. If kids in the houses of MLAs, MPs and magistrates can behave this way, then what will the wealthy businessmen, lawyers, and political leaders do?   

What we should understand from the above video is that the public servants who are sincere will be forced to do things they do not like. They will eventually become corrupt to remain in their job. I have come across people saying that those sincere will be insulted, harassed, transferred, and will have to fight for their retirement benefits.    

There was news about Allahabad high court judge sending notice to Indian railways. It is a classic example of abuse of power. The judge summoned Indian Railways, because his train was delayed by 3 hours and the railways didn't serve him any refreshments. So, it is worth using official power and time because it is “his lordship” who is at the receiving end. But “his lordship” can delay cases for several months to deny justice. The value of time differs depending upon whom it belongs to. Courts in India proactively accept the idea that poor petitioners cannot afford to win cases against the rich and influential. Courts are busy with cases where both petitioner and the respondents are rich and powerful. In such cases, the procedures will be followed, and the case is dealt by the senior lawyers. .   

Justice Karnan is an example of incompetent people becoming judges. Justice Gangopadhyay from Calcutta High Court resigned from office just five months short of retirement to join Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It is alleged that his verdicts were biased. 

Kerala High Court was in news for wrong reasons. The court is notorious for selling favorable verdicts. I filed a case in the High court of Kerala against a murder attempt in which I suffered a 4.2 centimetres liver injury. After 3 hearings, the court disposed my petition without a sentence. Few months later, I approached the same court with another petition. The case file was scrutinised and approved by the court officials (FSO). The FSO also consulted a Registrar Judicial before approving my file. I submitted the hard copy of the file, and the case was listed in causelist as “Filing Defect”.  

Causelist from High Court of Kerala.
Photocopy of Causelist

E-copy of order from High court of Kerala.
Kerala High court's order sent by email.
I appeared through video conferencing. I said that my life is under threat, my livelihood is challenged, and the police is making a deliberate attempt to brand me as criminal.  Justice Basant Balaji said that there is a filing defect. I explained to “his lordship” that the file was approved by the competent officer, and it is someone in court who tried to mess things by labelling it as “Filing Defect”. The common people cannot talk to “his lordship” unless as accused. We cannot stop “his lordship” while on his way to home or office. Common people cannot meet "his lordship” at his residence. "His lordship” will act dumb if we pass all the hardship to meet “his lordship”. Later “his lordship’s” dumbness will become an order. 

While rumors swirled about motives for my murder, the most hushed involved organ harvesting. It was told that they were planning it since I published an article in which I mentioned about organ trade on Aug 31, 2020. I also informed police about this racket. Lives of several women were spoilt in the last few years to haunt me. All of them were aware of it and it was with a promise to pay to each one of the women. Different entities were given a convincing reason for murdering me. It was a well-planned attack and they tried to injure my head. There was a Toyota Qualis waiting there to take me after injuring my head. Few months later, I received an email asking me if I am interested in selling my kidney? The same was forwarded to Chennai police. Therefore, "his lordship” decided to dispose the case. 

In my first petition, “his lordship tried to convince me that I should file the case in Chennai, and High court of Kerala do not have jurisdiction in Chennai. Later, “his lordship” asked the court officer to record that the petitioner requested to appoint a lower court in Chennai. Later the case was disposed without any sentence. In my second petition, I requested the court to solve my internet issue and I will approach supreme court for my initial case. Someone in court didn’t like that. So, those in court who sold their souls showed their loyalty by listing my petition as “Filing Defect”. 

I have blasted people in PMO several times for brushing me after submitting petition through PM's public grievance portal. But we cannot do this with “his lordship”. People expect “his lordships” to be reasonable.  

A screenshot from PMO's grievance redressal  portal.
A screenshot from PM's public grievance portal which shows petitions older than a year are still under progress

The above screenshot is not clear. The same can be downloaded by clicking this link.

A petition submitted through PMO portal needs to be addressed within 30 days. All the petitions received should be disposed within 30 days is the target given to people in PMO. So, if they deny justice, then they will destroy evidence for getting such petition as well. Yet, you will find petitions older than a year continuing to exist in PMO portal due to the negligence of officials.  

My writing is capable of changing government policies and can influence elections. If the court treats me this way, then one can only imagine how the court will treat uneducated poor peopleMore than fifty percent of Indians cannot fill a form on their own and are afraid to go to police station, or court alone.  

In recent years, the Khalistan movement has caused significant concern for the Indian government due to its resurgence in the USA, UK, and Canada. They attacked Indian missions abroad. They threatened Indians and asked them to go back to India. It created a lot of friction in India’s diplomacy with US and Canada. US Senators stalled India MQ-9B Drone Deal Over Pannun Murder Plot. 

We need to understand that Khalistanis are Indians who went abroad and created an identity which is good enough to insult and threaten India. But it was because of how the then government treated them. Congress leaders justified Sikh riot saying that many small plants will die if a big tree above them falls. Narendra Modi had an opportunity to reach out to them blaming Congress for their hardships in the past. The NDA government never did that. Instead tried strong arm tactics when things escalated.  

Picture of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.
India designated Gurpatwant Singh Pannun a terrorist in 2020 

There are claims that the Modi government, through its undercover operations, has been effectively executing international criminals who were wanted in India, including Dawood Ibrahim and others in Pakistan. Even with such capabilities, it was wise for Modi to initiate talks with Khalistanis. They are our people. The wounds with which they left India didn’t heal. We won’t be surprised if some youths from Manipur seek refuge abroad and form groups to express their grievances and advocate for a separate nation. This is an issue that stems from corruption, inequality and absolute lawlessness in India. India’s ambition to become a developed nation could face challenges if such aspects are not addressed effectively. 

 Unfortunately, prime minister Modi did nothing to make India free from corruption. It is time for a major administrative change and judicial reforms. We can have a better system of governance to maintain law and order. A system where law will treat every citizen equally and reasonably. 

In this digital world, the government should make attempts to enforce what they promise to people. An effective mechanism should be brought. A system where any complaint lodged online should have an FIR regardless of how big or small the issue is. Every petitioner should be allowed to vote for every officer who dealt with his/her petition. Such votes should be considered while promoting officers. The vigilance department cannot do much unless they can prove the bribery involved. There should be departments to protect the sincere officers and to monitor the dereliction of duty. More government jobs will improve economy and will help to change the corrupt culture. 

Congress leader P Chidambaram was honest while speaking in “India Today Conclave’. He accepted that Congress will not win election. And said that a particular section of the society will vote for Congress. Election manifesto of Congress was designed to appease a section of the society. On the other hand, BJP’s manifesto for the upcoming Lok Sabha election has something for everyone.  The submissive approach of Congress and their usual strategy of minority appeasement is helping BJP to win elections. If not, ten years of anti-incumbency could have helped INDI alliance to win. For example, BJP winning one seat in Kerala is a big deal. BJP may get few seats in Tamilnadu, Telangana, and Seema Andhra. In Karnataka, BJP numbers will go down significantly because BJP betrayed Karnataka during their last regime, leaders like Tejasvi Surya did nothing to address issues like water crisis in Bengaluru and  Makedatu project. We see Modi and other senior BJP leaders visiting  Tamilnadu to reassure that BJP respects Tamil sentiments. Similarly, BJP is not dominating in states like Delhi, Punjab, Bengal, Maharashtra and various other states.  


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