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Hyperbolic numbers and deceptive figures:

All of us lack something in our lives like certain skills, knowledge, discipline, time management, ability to manage our finances. Or it could be one’s behaviour, which needs improvement for it to be acceptable for others. This is applicable for students, professionals, public servants, politicians and businessmen. In corporates, they have something called PIP (performance improvement plan) and they use theories like six Sigma. In short, Six Sigma is a theory meant to earn customer loyalty, while avoiding unnecessary wastage. It is meant to improve the effectiveness of process and employees. It is to meet expectations through timely delivery and so on. And they work on data to find scope for improvement. We cannot think of ways to improve, unless we understand that there is scope for improvement. We have come across political leaders talking about numbers, while addressing the public, media and during political rallies. Nowadays, it is often done through social media websites than eve