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Letters to the government: Volume-6

Fraudulent Schemes of Union Government: Prime minister Narendra Modi became world’s most popular leader with 77% approval rating as per the Morning Consult Political Intelligence Survey. Many living in India are surprised to see Modi’s raising popularity and lack of anti-incumbency even after eight years of BJP rule. We all know that ruling party in India will ridicule opposition, suppress dissenters and will appreciate bullies who will sing the glory of ruling party. This practice existed in India even during Congress rule. Soon after Narendra Modi became prime minister in 2014, they created a systematic approach to belittle anyone who disagrees with them, to hijack elections and to make constitution meaningless. The BJP leaders and cadres will not miss an opportunity to talk about emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi. What NDA is doing since 2014 is more or less what Indira Gandhi did during emergency. Of course, there are anti-national elements who enjoyed certain leve

UK economy and Tory leaders in an awful Limbo.

Rishi Sunak became prime minister of UK on 24 October 2022. This doesn’t mean that he will be the prime minister of UK till next general election. Gavin Williamson already resigned over bullying allegations. The political turmoil in UK started with former prime minister Boris Johnson’s resignation on 7 July this year. Boris Johnson was forced to resign due to Chris Pincher scandal and the party gate. Boris Johnson was facing criticism from within the conservative party and from the opposition for breaking COVID laws and gathering in Downing Street during lockdown. Then came the Chris Pincher Scandal, where Boris Johnson appointed Chris Pincher as deputy chief whip, despite allegations against him for sexual misconduct. Resignation of cabinet ministers and parliamentary private secretaries led to Boris Johnson’s resignation. It started with former chancellor of exchequer (finance minister), Rishi Sunak and health and Social care secretary, Sajid Javed’s resignation on 5 July 2022. Since