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SilverLine: A bourgeois project for those born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

SilverLine  project and K-Rail is a complete failure. SilverLine will derail state’s economy, ecosystem and livelihood of thousands. Communist Party, who lost power in West Bengal and then in Tripura is facing a fund crunch. Senior Communist leaders in Kerala like Chief Minister Pinarayai Vijayan were honest and sincere. But, now there seems to be a demand within the state and national leaders of Communist Party for a massive project to pump money into party fund and to keep the leaders happy, who are looking to capitalise the second consecutive term in power. Kerala will regret electing LDF for the second consecutive term. UDF is right in saying that K-Rail will be the Nandigram of Kerala and what happened to CPM in West Bengal will happen here in Kerala. Therefore, SilverLine is a  project meant for making big money💰 in the form of kickbacks, unless the government can come up with reasons which makes sense to the readers. SilverLine project will derail the ecological balance