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Letters to the government: Volume-4

Stethoscope is not meant for vultures: If A=B and if B=C, then A=C. Do you think the above statement is True? Or is it false?  Those who have attended aptitude test in job interview rounds are very much familiar with such questions. Let’s try to relate the above question with Kerala government to see how it works. If bureaucrats, police and courts in Kerala are biased and corrupt. And if this corruption is with the awareness of the ruling government, then the government is corrupt. Do you think it is true? Or is it false? “Letters to the government” are meant to expose how bureaucracy, police, courts and the elected representatives deceive poor voters. The intention is not to exaggerate things to show government in bad light. It is a sincere attempt to create awareness among people and to inform government about the areas for improvement.  Most of my readers in India are from middle class, who probably do not prefer visiting government hospitals. I got used to government health care fa

An undeclared cold war.

Are we witnessing an undeclared cold war? Millennials and those who were born before have experienced cold war, at least through media. The collapse of Soviet union in 1991, Globalization and Neoliberalism made the world accept capitalism than ever. Initially, we were told that the cold war is between two super powers and it is an ideological war. It was not an ideological war. It is a strategy adopted by United States to be the global leader. Today, United states is bullying the world around to remain Super-power. America is leading the world into a nuclear war. What we are going through is an undeclared cold war. And they call it trade war.  It’s been more than hundred days since Russia Invaded Ukraine. We do not have an idea about when the war in Ukraine will end. It of course will not end as expected by United States and it’s western allies. More than 14 million people are thought to have fled their homes. UN states that as of 24 May, around 6.6 million refugees have left Ukraine t