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Politics in contemporary India.

  Where did Rahul Gandhi and Congress go wrong?   'All Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims', is a statement made by BJP leaders time and again . In India there are thousands of Muslims who are living a dignified life, working as army personnel, Magistrates, IAS officers, business tycoons like Asim Premji and so on. If one were to say that Rahul Gandhi's statement is defamatory for all those with Modi last name, then the statement that 'all terrorists are Muslims' is derogatory and defamatory for all Muslims. If Rahul Gandhi's statement hurts all those with last name as Modi, then will it not hurt Muslims when BJP leaders say that 'all terrorists are Muslims'. Will it be acceptable for Purnesh Modi, if Rahul Gandhi were to say; 'all Modis are not thieves, but all thieves are Modis’?   BJP and RSS leaders are infamous for hate speeches and statements which hurts the sentiments of thousands of Indians. Prime minister Modi often hu