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Letters to the government: Volume-5

Is India a BANANA REPUBLIC? The above question may sound absurd, but the existing order of things in India are also absurd. The law of the land which is governed by our constitution, law enforcement agencies like police, the court, and the way they are functioning will make us say; INDIA IS A BANANA REPUBLIC. Union government is making lot of changes like the navy symbol, renaming Raj Path as karthavya path, etc. They say that they doing it to get rid of colonial hangover and mentality of slavery among Indians. The union government can also consider replacing ‘Ashoka Chakra' (Wheel) in our national flag with bananas. Ashoka Chakra on our national flag stands for duty, time and twenty four spokes in the wheel, which represents twenty four values. Instead of insulting those values, the government can consider replacing it with few bananas. Maintaining law and order is not what police is doing, though they say it. They are not there to protect the common man. The primary job

Devil’s own government in God’s own country.

Last month we celebrated Onam, a festival in Kerala to welcome demon king Maveli, who once ruled Kerala. Mahabali was allowed to visit Kerala once a year to see his people. As per Hinduism, lord Sri Krishna takes different incarnations to restore Dharma (cosmic law). Maveli was chased out of Kerala to restore Dharma. Kerala is a land for several sacred temples. So, it is not clear whether Onam is celebrated to welcome Mahabali, or to show Mahabali the glory of Kerala in his absence. Now, its time to review last 6 years of LDF rule in Kerala. People in Kerala look at chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan as both demon and God. It depends on their political ideology. Kerala State government distributed free Onam-Kit (groceries) for everyone through fair price shop. The idea was to help the poor to celebrate festival with Sadhya (a special meal for the occasion). I don’t know from how long this practice is in Kerala, but people like it. Law and order: Law and order in Kerala is