Letters to the government: Volume-5


The above question may sound absurd, but the existing order of things in India are also absurd. The law of the land which is governed by our constitution, law enforcement agencies like police, the court, and the way they are functioning will make us say; INDIA IS A BANANA REPUBLIC.

Union government is making lot of changes like the navy symbol, renaming Raj Path as karthavya path, etc. They say that they doing it to get rid of colonial hangover and mentality of slavery among Indians. The union government can also consider replacing ‘Ashoka Chakra' (Wheel) in our national flag with bananas. Ashoka Chakra on our national flag stands for duty, time and twenty four spokes in the wheel, which represents twenty four values. Instead of insulting those values, the government can consider replacing it with few bananas.
Maintaining law and order is not what police is doing, though they say it. They are not there to protect the common man. The primary job of police is to protect politicians, businessmen, and their interests. Police are often used to harass law abiding citizens whose opinion and actions are in the best interest of our country, but are against the political leaders and their corrupt system. There are hundreds of policemen in India, whose job is to monitor internet activities and phone calls of law abiding citizens. The police and their ministers are not concerned about violent crimes, terrorism and all other illegal activities as much as they are concerned about law abiding citizens, whose voice is against their corrupt system.
In Kashmir, many Kashmiri youths are joining terror groups because of the harassment from police and military. It is not due to their love for Pakistan and Jihad. All of them are not fools to believe Pakistan is better than India. In fact, many Kashmiris are being killed for being loyal to India. That way, they are being taken for a damn ride by both terrorist groups and the government of India.

Reducing their internet speed and blocking certain apps using firewall is one of the main reason for they hating India. In India, the government will decide whether an individual’s internet browser should work or not. Government will decide whether an individual should talk to others or not. The government will decide what contents one should see on YouTube and Facebook. They block my internet because I write things which are not pleasant for political parties. I write things which will irk communalists from both Hindu and minority communities. It really makes someone mad.
In India, we have opposition and the ruling party. There is no scope for any voice other than these two. Any voice other than the ruling party and the opposition will be suppressed. This is because, all these political parties and their leaders expect people to respect them, praise them and sing the glory of India. They claim that they were born, are living and will die for the country and its people. So, the dissenters, protesters, and the chauvinism are all controlled by ruling and opposition party together.

Here, I am presenting two emails sent to president of India, after raising a request through president of India portal. My request was to initiate an investigation of 3 attempts to murder me, in which I suffered a liver injury.

President is the first citizen of India and is empowered to override even a supreme court order. This is why people awarded with capital punishment will approach president of India with mercy petition.

My request to president of India was sent to PMO, and then to CMO-KERALA. CMO Kerala didn’t take any action other than closing the case stating; ‘Citizen not satisfied’. All I wanted is an investigation by some competent agency, or a court monitored investigation.

The manner in which CMO KERALA disposed my petition is an insult to me, and to our country. All survivors (victims) will not approach High court, PMO, CMO and home ministry of India. Among those who do it, only few will be taken seriously. But in most cases, the investigation will be an eyewash even if it is taken seriously.

Grievance for Registration No: PRSEC/E/2022/22425

Our Excellency,

I was attacked by three men with lethal swords on 20 November 2020. I believe it was a group of contract killers arranged by someone super rich. I escaped from them by climbing an elevated Highway (ten or twelve feet tall). I managed to escape another two who came after me with a bike and a car. I walked almost two kilometres after escaping from the attackers to reach police and it was in the wee hours at around thirty minutes past two AM. The police took me in their vehicle to primary health care centre in Poonamallee, Chennai, because Ambulance took time to arrive. After first aid, I was taken to government Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, in an Ambulance.

The police who registered the case, came to hospital on the following day to record my statement and did not accept my statement as given even after five attempts. I was in unbearable pain and finally I agreed to sign the papers. The statement I signed was written in Tamil, which I do not read. This means the officers who were kind to me were either forced to save the culprits, or someone bribed them. So there was no action from police. I spoke to police on phone from hospital bed and they said that they already caught the miscreants.

My treatment in KMC, Chennai was neither complete nor satisfactory. Doctors in KMC did not attend me for more than an hour. There were attempts to damage my internal organs while in Kilpauk Medical college. My discharge from Government Kilpauk Medical College was in an abrupt way.

There was no action from police and those miscreants who attacked me were protected. I visited Mangad police station in Chennai, a day after my discharge from hospital. The police was not at all interested in the case. I believe it was settled unofficially by police, when I was fighting for my life in hospital.
I was told that if there is an investigation, then they will make it appear like a gang war or as I was into narcotics. In fact, there were several attempts to make me a Rowdy sheeter, since my discharge from Kilpauk Medical College. If I am not wrong, this idea was a brainchild of none other than police. There was also an attempt to fabricate evidence to prove that I am mentally sick. I am a law abiding citizen and there isn’t any criminal record against me in the last 36 years of my life.

I raised this issue with NIA, because I felt that it is part of radicalization, which is ongoing for the last ten years. And I been after NIA since 2019. I approached High court of Kerala, who refused to take my petition even after the law ministry of Kerala asking them to provide legal assistance for me. The issue was brought to the notice of PMO and home ministry of India. So far, there wasn’t any sort of action from police.

All these complaints to NIA, PMO, Home ministry of India, High court of Kerala and police department had several issues and the mentioned two murder attempts were one among those issues. I have resolved most of those issues in my personal capacity, though there wasn’t any sort of help from any law enforcement agencies in India. I don’t think it is due to inefficiency of police. It is just that their integrity and loyalty is sold to someone.

As per my discharge summary, I had 4.5 centimetres liver laceration. It’s going to be almost two years, since the initial attack. My liver still hurts. This means, it is fatal and I will not be able to do any sort of Hard work. This has made my life miserable than ever. I don’t get medical treatment in government hospitals in Kerala, for which I been fighting with Kerala health ministry. Hence, I couldn’t do any sort of follow up and all I had is ten days of treatment in KMC, Chennai.

All those scenarios which led to the first attack was recreated at where I presently reside and there was another attempt to murder me, but I escaped it without an injury. A new neighbour who been a rogue element from day one and stayed here only for three months, chased me till my doorstep with a axe. It was without any provocation. I locked door from inside and lodged a petition in the local police station in Kuttipuram. The incident took place two months after the new neighbour coming to reside in a house opposite to ours. He and his family left one month after the incident. A petition was registered and I received an acknowledgement slip. But the case was suppressed by someone later.

There were attempts for forced religious conversion. It’s been part of ongoing radicalization for the last ten years . And it just intensified after me suffering a liver injury in the attack. This is another reason for suppressing investigation, where it is an understanding between those tried to kill me and those wanting me to accept a new religion.

I have informed all the above mentioned facts to judicial first class magistrate court in Malappuram, Kerala. But, there wasn’t any sort of action initiated by the court.

An honest Investigation will help to nab not only those who attacked me, but also those who arranged and funded it. I am knocking every door to see if justice and equality is same for everyone.

Therefore, kindly help me by initiating an inquiry in Chennai where the first attack took place.

Prasad Babu.

To whomsoever it may concern.

Respected sir/madam,

This is to inform you that I have lodged a petition through president of India website against three failed murder attempts on me.

Now I am living with a injured liver and I don’t get medical treatment in government hospitals in Kerala.

The High court of Kerala is not willing to accept a writ petition against it.

The police, NIA, PMO and Home ministry of India is taking it lightly.

I am sure that those who are after my life are not very powerful and influential. It is the police department who are monitoring my internet activities from different locations. They of course are helping criminals for money. And they get in touch with whoever I approach for help. So, my petition to different departments will often go to trash without any action.

I am not sure about the status of my petition to president of India. But, I am not able to view the status of it online.
And I haven’t received any communication from you so far.

I have attached a copy of the petition printed from the website, as well as the PDF attached while lodging the petition online, for your reference.

Therefore, kindly take appropriate action to ensure that those after my life are punished.

It will be great, if it could be a court monitored inquiry or some competent agency investigating it.

Warm regards,
Prasad Babu
Mobile: 91 76038 64236
Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com
Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Your excellency,

I am forwarding this email which I sent after lodging a complaint through president of India portal.

I believe that president of India is the first citizen of our country who is more authoritative than supreme court of India.

I have approached president’s office because there was no action from police, PMO, Home ministry of India and CMO-KERALA. Staffs in filing section of High court of Kerala was not willing to accept my writ-petition.

All I wanted is a court monitored enquiry into a murder attempt by a gang of contract killers. I suffered a stab injury in my liver. I am still suffering from it and it could be fatal. Followed by that, there were two more murder attempts.

CMO-Kerala can make High court of Kerala take this petition. Or any High court in India, whose jurisdiction is across India can order a court monitored enquiry.
CMO-KERALA closed the petition filed through president’s portal, stating that ‘citizen not satisfied’. And that is all they did.

Citizens approach PMO, CMO or the president of India when they are not satisfied with police. I don’t understand what motivates CMO-KERALA to close a petition without any action.

I have attached a copy of the petition to President and a copy of hospital record which states that I was admitted their with a stab injury, for your reference.

Warm regards,
Prasad Babu
Mobile: 91 76038 64236
Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com
Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

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