Indian political discourse becoming increasingly toxic and divisive

Is it going to be INDIA V/s Modi in 2024?

The UPA renamed their alliance as I.N.D.I.A. in the 2nd Opposition Meet in Bengaluru at The Taj West End Hotel. Soon, all opposition leaders started making statements like India will defeat Modi, India is against Modi, India will not tolerate Modi and so on. We all know that the opposition is trying to deceive INDIA.  


At first, BJP leaders and workers condemned it saying that it is not everyone's India. Later, it became the topic of discussion at every political event. Recently, prime minister Modi mocked the opposition alliance in parliament saying that an 'I' stands for the haughtiness of 26 parties and another 'I' stands for the haughtiness of a family and the rest is NDA.  

No other country allows a political alliance to abuse nation's name for electoral gains. For example, Donald Trump cannot rename his party or alliance as U.S.A. Keir Starmer cannot rename his party or alliance as U.K. Why is it allowed in India? This is because both NDA and former UPA wants to polarize voters by saying India V/s Bharath. 


I was among the first few to write to PMO and election commission of India, requesting to ban the use of our country's name by any political outfit. Instead, BJP is trying to use the word 'Bharath' at wherever possible. The G20 Summit hosted in our country had 'Bharath' instead of IndiaBoth 'India' and 'Bharath' are in the constitution, and it refers to our country.  

File photo of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.
File photo of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi.
Prime minister Modi will be the winner in 2024 general election, even if it is made to appear like a choice between India and Modi. This is because, brand 'Modi' is more popular than brand 'INDIA'. People who know me will often lie when I ask questions. They think that I will use information I get from them for my writing. Recently, I asked a guy in my neighborhood about his dog's name and the answer was Modi. I liked it. It was one of the honest replies and his way of expressing dissent.  

All those who hate, and love Modi will chat Modi often than they say 'INDIA'. One would find people in villages using words like, 'Desh', 'Gav', 'Bharath' to address our country. But all of them know Modi as Modi. 

Opposition leaders should understand that our liberty, freedom and constitutional rights cannot be abused for political leverage. Politicians should refrain from insulting our cultural values, religious beliefs and way of living to woo the minority. The ruling BJP grew from 2 seats as Jana Sangh to major opposition party and started ruling India due to such insults by Congress and its allies

Udayanidhi Stalin, a narcist recently compared "Sanathana Dharama" to Covid, Dengu and mosquito. Priyank Kharge, son of Congress president and DMK leader A Raja supported his views. Corrupt A Raja was convicted in 2G spectrum scam and spent 15 months in jail 

Let me explain "Sanathana Dharma" or what they say "Sanathanam" in few words. "Sanathana Dharma" is a Sanskrit term used to refer to Hinduism and it only means; way of life or eternal religion. Lord Sri Krishna is the supreme god in Hinduism. Lord Sri Krishna said that he exists in all living beings and nonliving objects. Hinduism further says that all of us are souls and are connected to each other through the supreme soul. The goal of every soul is to become part of the supreme soul through virtues and spirituality. 

Hinduism is the only religion that accepts all kinds of worship and beliefs. All other religions preach; 'I am the only god, and you should never believe in any god other than me'. As per Quran, Allah is the only God of all- Sura Taha Verse 98. Bible says; Jesus Christ is the only god and there are no real gods other than Christ-Isaiah 45:5-12. 

As per Hinduism, Lord Sri Krishna will be pleased to bless his devotees when they offer him a flower, a Tulsi leaf or a fruit with devotion. Lord Sri Krishna further said in Bhagavad Gita that he will be pleased to bless his devotees in any name and form in which they worship him. 

Udayanidhi Stalin's remarks led to widespread public protests across India. Protestors burnt effigies of Udayanidhi Stalin and carried his pictures with slippers around his face. Many allies of I.N.D.I.A like TMC who hate BJP also took part in the protest. 

Picture of protestors carrying effigy of Tamilnadu minister Udayanidhi Stalin with slippers around his face.
Protestors carrying effigy of Tamilnadu minister Udayanidhi Stalin with slippers around his face. 
First Udayanidhi Stalin and few leaders of India alliance tried to defend his remarks. Later they took a U-turn and said that he only meant the eradication of caste rigidity. Sanathana Dharma never asked political parties to create vote banks through caste-based reservation in education and employment opportunities. It is the political parties like DMK and Congress who benefitted from nurturing this divide. One of the poll-promises of Bhupesh Bhagel, the Congress chief minister of Chhattisgarh is caste census for OBC. Caste census for OBC is seen as a potentially critical factor in 51 seats.  

A picture from newspaper showcasing the political leaders and  their respective caste during last Karnataka election.
A picture from newspaper showcasing the political leaders and their respective caste during last
Karnataka election.
It has become a habit for political parties like Congress and DMK to insult Hindus. They do it to garner support from the minority community and others who benefit from reservations. Last year, DMK leader A Raja bastardized Hinduism and said people in Tamilnadu don’t belong to Hinduism. He went on to say that their roots are different and not to call them Hindus. He said that the Hindus treat people belonging to lower castes as bustards, which is a white lie. 

News channels in India discuss and debate seat sharing among castes before every election. This rule applies to all political parties including DMK and Congress. Sanathana Dharma did not promote discrimination. It is the ruling class who did it in the past and political parties continued it after independence. Are they going to be any different hereafter? If the answer is no, then immature leaders like Udayanidhi Stalin should maintain a low profile than being an outright narcissist. 

Udayanidhi Stalin is restless after sparking controversy over Sanathanam. He had problem with home minister Amit Shah saying that Hindi is uniting India. His grandfather M Karunanidhi was a staunch admirer of Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader and named his father as MK Stalin. This was meant to take advantage of the sentiments of the proletariat. Other than that, M Karunanidhi’s life and deeds had nothing to do with Communism. 

Carl Marx said that England has broken down the entire framework of Indian society. But he was happy that a revolution in India can happen only once the social framework is broken completely. Since Independence, Communists in India did their best to retain social framework (Caste System) of India. Encouraging reservation in education and job opportunities which is based on caste and not for the poor is a classic example of Communists in India breaking Marx theory conveniently.  

In the past, DMK supported LTTE to win election using strong Tamil sentiment. Udayanidhi Stalin’s hate for Hindi is just an attempt to continue hatred for Hindi among Tamil people. If people in Tamilnadu starts accepting Hindi like English, then DMK will not be able to use Hindi-Tamil Comparison to win elections.

It is no wonder that opportunists like DMK will follow Communism whenever it is convenient. Communists are global hypocrites. They will not miss an opportunity to insult Hindus. For example, chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan believed women entering Sabarimala temple will bring equality and will end gender discrimination. 

Sabarimala temple is not a public place. It is on top of a hill in the wild forest. Devotees visit this temple after following hard rituals for several days like not wearing slippers, eating minimal food and sleeping on floor. Devotees have been attacked by wild animals in the past. Fearing the perils of the Sabarimala pilgrimage through forest, families would weep when their loved ones departed. 

No believer would ever want to go to a place of worship at an age when they are restricted. It is the activists and non-believers who wanted to visit Shabari mala. Chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan facilitated their entry with police protection. The Communists in Kerala brazenly abused Hindu sentiments. They said that they are just following a court order. 

There is a similar court order which bans the use of loudspeakers in religious places of worship. But the Communist government in Kerala never made an attempt to enforce it. The High court of Kerala which passed this order never demanded government to enforce it. Even the court must be of the opinion that the government will entertain court orders only if they like it.  

Loudspeakers are used in temples, churches and Mosques. The Communist government in Kerala do not want to act, because enforcing this ban will affect the sentiments of Muslims than Hindus and Christians. Muslims want loudspeakers for namaz, which they do five times a day. Not allowing non-believers to a temple will not be an inconvenience for anyone in any manner. But loudspeakers could be annoying for many, due to which a case was filed in the High court of Kerala. This explains the hypocrisy of Communists. 

A few months ago, senior Communist leader Sitharam Yetchuri condemned the Uniform civil Code while addressing the public in Calicut, Kerala. The Uniform Civil Code makes both men and women have equal rights to inherit property, whereas the existing laws are discriminatory. It is his party leaders who compared barring entry of women into Sabarimala temple with Sathi-system. But the same party is silent on issues like equal pay for both men and women for the same job. 

The untold pork-ban in Malappuram and Calicut districts of Kerala is another example of suppressing Hindus and their rights. People belonging to SC, ST and Christain community eat pork. Many among the Shathriya and Vishwakarma also eat Pork as well as beef in Kerala. But pork is not sold anywhere in Malappuram and Calicut districts, because it is HARAM ("forbidden" or "sinful") for Muslims. People cook and eat pork secretly, if they get pork from other districts.  

Even alcohol is HARAM for Muslims. But beverages corporation outlets and Toddy shops are allowed in Malappuram and Calicut. This is because the tax from the sale of liquor is a major source of income for Kerala government. And the sale of poisonous toddy will help government officials and politicians to earn kickbacks 

The Communist leaders host beef parties against beef ban. They don’t consider promoting beef consumption as provoking Hindus. They preach that beef is consumed in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Even pork is a delicious meal in Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Australia. Most of the Communist supporters in Malappuram are from SC and ST community who would love to eat pork. Will Comrades dare to host a pork party in Malappuram? 

Communism failed everywhere in the world. The communist theories are as good as what is in Bible. The Bible tells you to give your meal, or your cloths to your neighbor when you just have two and your neighbor do not have one. Many among Christians won't bother to share a meal or a pair of cloths even when they have plenty of it. This doesn’t mean that all Christians are hypocrites, because religious beliefs are completely personal whereas politics is "of the people, by the people, and for the people".  

People are selfish by birth and Communism lacks integrity. It is not practical. Communism grew only due to people like EMS Nabudiripad who got attracted to this theory at their young age. Communism brought misery to people at wherever it existed.  For example, Communist ruled West Bengal for 34 continues years. Today, we see poor Bengali migrant laborers across India. Kerala is far behind many other states in industrial development and infrastructure growth due to Communism. Kerala is doing better than Bengal only due to the large NRI population.


Throughout his life, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan protested against tractors, computers, JCBs, Coca-Cola, capitalism, corporations, and corruption. It led to the closure of several commercial establishments, which were the result of someone's hard work. These protests made him a Communist leader, MLA and chief minister of Kerala


Picture of chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan in  front of Mayo Clinic in USA after his treatment.
Chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan in front of Mayo Clinic in USA.
Now his government is immersed in corruption, he goes to USA for treatment in Mayo hospital funded by Capitalist corporates, his supporters use computers and social media websites run by corporates. His daughter married a corporate boss to own his firm and the firm collects bribe from corrupt businessmen in Kerala. His son in law became MLA and minister sidelining many communist leaders who wasted their entire life for the party. Thousands were killed to uphold this great theory of hypocrisy. According to “A Political History" by K.N. Panikkar, more than 1000 people were killed between 1947 and 1969 alone.


Communist leaders like Pinarayi Vijayan can either honestly admit that they wasted their entire life for a foolish ideology, or they can admit that they were smart to deceive innocent people throughout their life. But the consistent abuse on Hindus has led to another problem where we Indians are being harassed by other countries. 

Picture of former BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma.
Former BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma.

Last year, BJP high command immediately suspended their national spokesperson Nupur Sharma for her anti-Islam remarks. Nurpur Sharama’s controversial comments about Prophet Muhammad made several Muslim nations boycott Indian products. It didn’t stop there. Qatar who openly supports, funds and provides safe heaven to terror outfits like HAMAS demanded public apology from the Indian government. European and UK parliament often debates on internal issues of India and dictate terms to India. 

Umesh Kolhe and Kanhaiya Lal were brutally murdered for supporting Nurpur Sharma on social media. These cold-blooded murders were conspired by 11 "radicalized Islamists of Tablighi Jamaat" which included two Pakistani nationals. Muslims are not allowed to fast during Ramdan and are being massacred in Communist China. All Arab nations seems to be fine with it, because China won't allow propaganda through social media websites and messenger appsSimilarly, there were several incidents of burning holy Quran in Europe and they said it is freedom of expression. No Muslim country ever demanded an apology from Europe. 

Former president of USA Donald Trump is facing four separate indictments. Trump claims that he is being haunted by Biden administration. But he never went to London or New Delhi to resolve this issue. Instead, he is going out to the voters to get their support. Rahul Gandhi goes abroad to solicit foreign intervention and maligns our reputation. We have people who use social media sites and messenger apps to bring pressure from abroad. This is what makes nations like Qatar Challenge India. It is completely unacceptable, and people should think about this on the voting day.


Congress ruled India for more than 50 years using the same strategy of dividing Hindus based on caste and appeasing minority. DMK leaders like Udayanidhi Stalin and A Raja are still in its hangover. The rise of BJP was due to the space created by the Congress where people wanted a party that respects the sentiments of Hindus, and our cultural values.


We have assembly elections this month in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Mizoram. Political discussions during elections should never be on religious beliefs and caste. Political parties should discuss what they have done so far and what their promises are. We should never encourage any political party or an alliance to insult our beliefs to win elections. Therefore, people shouldn't vote for Congress and I.N.D.I.A, unless leaders like Priyank Kharge, Udayanidhi Stalin and A Raja are ready to apologize. 

Political discussions during elections should be more serious. It is also true that political parties in India do not want to touch areas of false promises which benefits all of them. But there is no scope for such discussion when one side decides to insult the majority to win elections. Rahul Gandhi promised free treatment facility for up to $10 lakh for poor in Chhattisgarh.


The union government claims that Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) is the largest health assurance scheme in India which covers up to $5 lakh per family. The scheme is not available for many living below the poverty line because the eligibility criteria is too cryptic.


The Government says that you are covered under this insurance, if you are a beggar, mason, plumber or a carpenter. But you are not covered, if you own a two-wheeler or a refrigerator. And you should be a beggar as per Socio-Economic Caste census 2011. How many beggars in India have voter ID and Aadhaar card? Rahul Gandhi is promising to people of Chhattisgarh that Congress will increase the insurance cover from 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs for the same beneficiaries, if they vote for Congress.


Most probably, Congress will be the loser in all five states due to bad repute and poor governance in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi in Telangana is corrupt. But they are too powerful and influential to get staggering majority in the election. The BJP government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan is very likely to retain power in Madhya Pradesh.  There are chances of Congress winning Mizoram, because people in Mizoram always elected an alternative government. But it is very uncertain, and Congress can fail in Mizoram like what happened in Kerala.

File photo of Chief minister of Telangana K.Chandrashekar Rao.
Chief minister of Telangana K.Chandrashekar Rao. 
BJP will definitely win both Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Poor governance, increasing number of rapes, molestation, murders and atrocities on Dalits which continued unabated during the Congress rule has made Rajasthan a lawless land. Rajasthan has no significant development for people to re-elect incumbent Congress. The party failed to settle the rift between Sachin Pilot and Ashok Gehlot. The fate of Congress in Rajasthan will be the same as Punjab.  

The main poll promise of Congress in Chhattisgarh is farm loan waiver, which is same as 2018. The Congress government in Chhattisgarh waived off around Rs. 9,000 crores in loans and Rs. 350 crores in irrigation tax. But it is unfortunate that the economic condition of farmers didn't improve despite the loan waiver. Farmers are still in a debt trap. 66.35% of loans taken by Chhattisgarh government since its formation in 2000 was in the last four years. More freebies like rupees. 500 subsidies on refilling of cooking gas cylinder to women will only increase the debt burden of the state. This is an indicator of poor governance. 

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