Letters to the government. Volume-3

Law and order of convenience!

In Hinduism, the belief is that the god (Lord Sri Krishna) exists in all living beings, and in non-living objects we see around. In Christianity, they say; In the beginning there was light. I am the light and those who believe in me will never walk in darkness. The words in Bible may not be same as what I used here, but the implied meaning is more or less the same. Every religion may have their own narrative for the same. I don’t like preaching any religion here in flamesofdissent.com. The question here is how much and how far we need these religion, gods and our beliefs? Each one of us may have different answers for the above question. I think the answer is needless to talk, if the question were to be something like; how many of us need food, shelter, clothing, medical treatment and justice? 
Those who live in Kerala, or those who have visited temples in Kerala will be able to relate with this paragraph better. However, I will try to depict this briefly. Temples in Kerala are different from what it is in the rest of India. Every big temple in Kerala will have external compound wall around the temple with gates in all four or three directions. Inside that exists another wall called ‘Nalukette'. 'Nalukette’, means covering all four sides. The ‘Nalukette' looks like a house with roofing from outside and will have doors in the middle, in all four directions or in three directions. ‘Nalukette’ will have rooms whose width will be around 10-12 feet from the outside wall. It’s roofing is made of wood and traditional roofing tiles made from soil. The sanctum sanctorum where the god’s idol is placed is in the middle of ‘Nalukette’, but not connected to it. The Sanctum sanctorum will be approximately 10x10 feet room with separate roof, which is not connected to ‘Nalukette'. This means, the space in-between ‘Nalukette’ and the Sanctum sanctorum is exposed to direct sunlight and rain water. And there will be just one door for the Sanctum sanctorum.  

One or two doors of ‘Nalukette’ will be for the devotees to enter the temple. There will be one door for exit after seeing the Shrine (darshanam), standing at the doorstep of sanctum sanctorum. Then there will be one door in ‘Nalukette’, exclusively for the priests and temple staffs. During school holidays and Hindu festivals the temple will be crowded and one may have to wait for an hour or two for Dharashanam (to see and make wishes standing in front of the shrine). 
There is one exception though. The wealthy lot in the town can enter the ‘Nalukette’ through the door meant exclusively for priests and temple staffs. It is not just the wealthy lot in the town, even politicians, MLAs, MPs, VIPs, top bureaucrats and those who come from other states, with letter from a MLA or MP will enjoy this privilege. The understanding is such that they make huge contribution to the temple, the wealth which is used for rituals, salary of temple staffs and maintenance. They fund temple’s renovation. They make offerings like Anna Dhanam ( free food served to all devotees, which is a delicious meal). The wealthy and influential lot are on tight schedule and cannot wait for hours to pray in temple. The poor are not deprived, but they who have more time will be made to wait for Darshanam.  

In temples, this theory of wealthy and influential enjoying special privilege is acceptable. Can we apply the same theory in police station, where no case will be taken seriously, if the offender is wealthy and influential? Can these wealthy and influential decide who should and shouldn’t get treatment in government hospitals? Can these wealthy and influential lot dictate terms to the court officials? Can they decide on whether a petition should reach the magistrate or not? The great Indian police will consistently monitor internet activities and tap phone calls of journalists and activists to inform the influential. And they influence those who read emails and answer calls on behalf of ministers. If the above lines in this paragraph are true, then we can call India “a lawless land”. Or it is, “Law and Order of Convenience” 
This week’s ‘Letters to the government’ is against High Court of Kerala. We have only 25 high courts in India and India has 30 chief ministers. A High court's jurisdiction is across India. This means, Kerala High court can order investigation and can take punitive action against any crime happened anywhere in India. They can punish even the ministers. My intention is not to insult the institution. In fact, people respect court because we all were taught that it is court where we go for justice. And if those in court are engaged in flesh trade, then it is not me insulting the institution. 

They can punish me, silence me and even kill me. It just won’t do any good to anyone. The popular notion of right and wrong depends on who does it, is accepted by the majority because they cannot choose to revolt. The victims are alive. And they are living with unfathomable pain, misery and agony. I approached Police, court and various ministries. They expect me to accept that it is someone big on the other side. I wouldn’t have wrote this while living with an injured liver, if I were a namby-pamby. 

I was in Chennai during lockdown. I tried to file petition online in Madras High court, as well as in High court of Kerala. I couldn’t do so. It could be due to some technical glitch. Or the systems are designed in such way, where no user can complete the online petition filing and the option is for the sake of Information Technology Act 2000. I been to Madras High court and spoke to a sweet lady there, who is designated to help people seeking free legal aid. It was almost two years ago and I don’t recall her name. She is a lawyer and was kind to me. She helped me with information on how I can file a writ petition on my own and procedure for getting a lawyer through them. She taught me that in order for a writ petition to be acceptable in Madras High court, the petition should include mandatory elements like, Cover page, Index, synopsis, an affidavit, page numbers on every page, prayers, etc. She said that there should be a bribe of ₹1000 for the file to move in filing section of Madras High court. She said that the ₹1000 will ensure that the file will pass through the filing section and will reach the magistrate. The rule in Chennai is that the opponent may kill the complainant or will suppress the police investigation, but they cannot stop the petition in filing section, if the file contains ₹1000. I didn’t file petition in Madras high court and left Chennai soon after that. 

I was pretty happy about the bribe they take in filing section of Madras High court, because anybody who can afford thousand rupees can file his petition. In Kerala, the practice is little different, where they do not charge for moving file through the filing section from all. They charge for not moving a file. This means, no petition can be filed in high court of Kerala against those wealthy and influential. 

I been after Kerala Legal Services Committee and High court of Kerala, since February last year. I visited court twice to get free legal aid. People in Kerala Legal Services Committee made me speak to three different people. Then a lady there said that they will not help me with legal aid, because she felt that I am capable of filing a petition on my own. She said that it is a service extended only for the poor who cannot file a petition on their own. I met an old lady there, who was from Cherthala. She been after this people from more than a year and has visited high court of Kerala at least five time. Her petition didn’t reach filing section of High court of Kerala, even after an year. It was handled efficiently by the Kerala Legal Services Committee for an year. On my last visit, I met another old man who also had a similar story to share. It makes me say that these people who work in various ministries to redress the grievances like CMO, Health ministry, KELSA are good for the government to spend public money and to provide employment for few. And these people are not there for the service of poor.

So I decided to file a writ-petition as ‘party in person'. I prepared a petition on my own. I got the seal and signature from an advocate in the affidavit. I been to filing section of High court of Kerala, paid court fee( Stamp) and submitted the file in April 2021. They immediately rejected it saying that the word ‘ANNEXURE’ is not acceptable and it should be ‘EXHIBIT’. I got a bachelor’s degree in American Literature, I doodle a bit and run this e-magazine. As far as I know, the word ‘ANNEXURE’ is more appropriate than the word ‘EXHIBIT’, in a writ petition. 

Couple of weeks later, I changed all my ANNEXURES with EXHIBIT and submitted my petition. Those in filing section sat on it for a week. Then, they gave me a filing number over the phone and said that my petition details will appear on court’s website by evening. Three days later, I was amused to know that my petition is rejected due to defects. As per the existing laws in India, a petition written on white paper using pen is acceptable, if it is legible. 

Last year, Juhi Chawla and few activists were asked to pay a fine of rupees two lakhs for wasting court’s time. The court punished them for filing a petition against 5G in India. There are thousands of such examples of court punishing the petitioner for wasting court’s time. There wouldn’t have been even one such example, If the people in filing section were to decide whether a petition should be entertained or not.

My petition was against someone obtaining a fake passport in my name. It was against someone trying to kill me, using contract killers. It was against an attempt to destroy my internal organs, while in hospital. It was against radicalization. It was against denial of treatment thereafter. My petition was also against what I call; ‘prostitution administered by society’. 

In India, some will fall in love, will be sincere to each other, will marry and live together, forever. This is not acceptable for every Indian family. The caste can come in their way. Either boy or the girl will be killed mercilessly and they call it honour killing. For some, date, late night parties, movie and sex is for fun. They call it cosmopolitan. They know that they will eventually marry someone chosen by their parents. Then we have live-in relationship. Some say that it is against our culture. There are few for whom a relationship is for sex. There are cases where the girl is sincere and is looking for long-term relationship, but the guy will start ignoring the girl and will pass her number to his friends to get rid of her. For those guys, the girl will be a burden after a while, or after couple of rounds of sex. Some girls will commit suicide, some will go into depression and will be reserved for sometime, while others get used to cosmopolitan culture. All these are acceptable, if it is an individual’s wishes and fantasies. But passing the girls number to get rid of her is not morally right, because it is with an intention to make them live the life, which they probably do not choose otherwise. If all my readers agree with my statements in this paragraph, then let me introduce you to something which is barberic. It amounts to organised crime and I call it; “prostitution administered by society”.

Young women from poor family are selected and are subjected to sexual exploitation. This means, they are made to have sex with many men who are wealthy, influential or are in power. They will be subjected to things like gang rape, where many men will have sex with the woman, one after the other. The woman who is subjected to this will have nothing more than pittance for men. They will not be interested in any serious relationship thereafter and will look down upon any men. These women will also have to entertain any men knocking their door in the night. Or, will have to visit the guest house of big people upon demand. The men involved could be from police, bureaucrats, wealthy lot in the town, political and religious leaders. The entire show is orchestrated by someone wise in the society. They select the young girl after carefully observing their family members and their background. If the girl’s father is an alcoholic, then he will be made to drink all day and night for sometime. So, the conditioning required to make the family accept the plan is created, even before they present it. They will promise something to the girls family like building a house for them, buying expensive ornaments or will trap them in debt. I call this process, “Prostitution administered by society”. This probably could be a practice existed in India from long ago. Readers shouldn’t look at it as an exegerration or as an ettempt to defame India. This is how we respect certain women in India. There was an incident reported in mainstream media a couple of years ago, where four men raped two young women in India. This issue was settled by a wise men in the village, who is “sarpanch” (Jury- head of the village). And the settlement was such that the four offenders were made to pay ₹10,000 each. They offered mutton meal to all the villagers and shared the remaining money among them, which was around ₹400 and change. The Sarpanch declared that he delivered justice to the victims. The Sarpanch not only left victims high and dry, but insulted them. 

The witch hunt I am going through began soon after I left BPO job. It had no other reason than some superstitious beliefs. And it was not due to my political ideas, activism or journalism. The method opted was to promise the girl and her family that they will make me marry the women subjected to above mentioned sexual exploitation. Then they will make it appear like a caste issue. This is how they introduced this practice to me. They bring blockade to anything I do for my livelihood and wellbeing. Presently, my phone calls and internet activities are monitored by police, from at least eight locations. They break any business deal I make and will spoil anything I do to earn a meal. I call this; ‘radicalization’. Everywhere the justification to convince someone new to this is; what would you do, if you were to have a sister or a daughter with pregnancy before wedding? Would you not use such cheap tricks to fix their life? And this has been ongoing for the last five years. Earlier, this cock and bull story of an innocent girl being pregnant, used to go for at least an year. And after an year, it will be someother girl with same condition. Same girl and same story has no scope for this flesh trade. Some political morons whose sentiments were hurt due to my writing claimed that it is the way of they teaching me a lesson. I am sure that they won’t say that anymore. 

The following lines in different font is not a telltale story. It is based on my investigation. And I personally do not know these people, who are involved in it.

A filthy rich women wanted me and I don’t know as what? Either i didn’t respect her as much as she expected or someone insulted her. Those who organised this show with this women wanted to stop me from going abroad. So they made someone obtain a fake passport in my name and sent him abroad. He came back after an year and somebody else went abroad using the same passport to provide male escort service for some rich man’s daughter. That rich man’s daughter in abroad fell in love with him, or he fell in love with her wealth. This created a common need for someone big in abroad as well as the filthy rich women here in India to take away everything from me, including my name, my parent’s name and my citizenship in India. It was to help the mule abroad with fake identity. It helps the women in India who wanted me as an asylum seeker.  And their plan failed.

In November 2020, I was attacked by a group of contract killers. There wasn’t any sort of action from police and court. It is morally right, if I were to say that I would like to kill all of them who were responsible for it. And it makes sense for many, though it is against the law. But, do you think it is right to spoil the lives of many innocent people, just because I want to take revenge on someone? 

The attack on me was well planned.  Three or four women were sexually  exploited simultaneously in the manner I have explained earlier. Each one of them were from different caste. Each one of them were used by many big people. And those who used these women happened to say within themselves that they will kill me if I don’t marry whom they used. Then someone who scripted this show from the beginning, arranged contract killers to murder me. They justified it saying that I agreeing to marry one of this women is an insult for the rest of the caste members. Or, I not agreeing to marry any of them is an insult for all of them. The entire plan was scripted by the filthy rich women in India, who was after me and the second guy who went abroad with a passport in my name. NIA, police, External affairs ministry of India and the Judicial first class magistrate court in Malappuram was aware of this issue. And, if none of them wanted to punish the criminals, then why were they after my life? After messing the lives of several innocent people, they just wanted to finish me to hush the story forever. 
Picture of Suspect, whose real name is ANWAR.

I realised that those in filing section can keep rejecting my file, regardless of how I prepare it. So I decided to get free legal aid from Kerala Legal services committee. I called them, been there at 10:30 Am as advised by them. They asked me to wait till 12 noon to see the lawyer. The lawyer came at 12Pm and attended another old man who was there to see him. Around 1 Pm, he called me into his chamber. He was accompanied by a Short men in dark skin. The lawyer said that he cannot take-up my case and suggested me to try filing the petition on my own. The Short men in dark skin was an uneducated and uncultured idiot. He tried to lecture me that it could be some mafia and asked me to give up. I spoke to those in Kerala legal services committee. They said that they cannot arrange another lawyer on the same day and wanted me to speak to a lady over the phone. I called her and explained her about the situation, including the issue of exploiting women and making it appear like an issue of caste and hiring someone to kill me. 

Those who speak Malayalam can hear and download the audio recording of the call by clicking the link below.

Most of this issues mentioned in this article is known to Judicial first class magistrate court, Malappuram. I travelled all the way from Chennai to appear in court in December 2020, just 20 days after my discharge from Kilpauk Medical College. I was happy to see the magistrate being a women. Justice Anne Marie Kuriakose Manalel. A women who was blessed to have good parents, childhood, schooling, job, family and life. I thought she is going to help me. I was wrong. She had nothing to say about the issues I have mentioned in this article. There wasn’t even one formal hearing in open court. She was kind to me, to the extent of not sending me to prison. She was good at teaching me about her limits and jurisdiction. She was least bothered to order medical treatment, which was denied in government hospital. There was an attempt for a bargain from Malappuram court officials and I don’t know whether she was part of it or not. I complained to Malappuram court officials several times about me not getting summons from court. Their answer was that the summons will be issued only once for the first hearing. They said that I should follow up on my own or should appoint a lawyer. But, I got a summons recently through Watsapp. I was more than rude to the policemen who called to inform me. It was a bargain and I didn’t visit court. Till date, the summons and the scheduled hearing as per that summons didn’t reflect on court’s website. And the bargain is to save the mule abroad with fake identity. 

If those in filing section of High court of Kerala, the people in Kerala legal services committee or the law ministry of Kerala were to be little serious, then there wouldn’t have been anymore victims. I wrote to law ministry of Kerala and spoke to people in law ministry of kerala several times. I pleaded them to make the court accept my petition or to help me with free legal aid. Finally the law ministry of Kerala wrote to Kerala legal services committee and they sent me an email. Below is the picture of the email.
I was sick and couldn’t visit court for few days. Then they sent me another email. Below is the picture of the email I received from court.

Contents of the emails sent to Kerala Legal services committee on 10 November 2021. It was marked to law minister of Kerala as well.

This is to inform you that I believe, every citizen of this country is entitled to approach court, against any injustice meted out.

I been trying to file a writ-petition in High Court of Kerala, since February this year.

Staffs in filing section of High Court of Kerala are not cooperating and are expecting me to be a lawyer, to file a writ-petition as ‘party in person’.

Hence, I approached KELSA for free legal aid, for which I am eligible. All I wanted is a lawyer, who can make my petition reach the magistrate of High Court of Kerala.

People in KELSA were not helpful in providing me a lawyer. Hence, I wrote to respected law minister of Kerala. 

Following that, I received an email from KELSA, which I have attached for your reference. I couldn’t go to court so far, because I was sick.

My petition was against radicalization and two murder attempts on me. It was a group of contract killers who attacked me with swords and could have been a murder, if I were not lucky to escape from there.

Police took me to Hospital and I have evidence for getting treatment at KMC, Chennai. Police took my statement from hospital bed and didn’t take action. I am not sure whether they filed an FIR or not. 

Later, I wrote to CMO, Kerala and PMO. Both the petitions were handed over to police and my statement was taken by police from two different police stations and I have evidence for it. Dissatisfied by their inaction, I am approaching the Honourable High Court of Kerala. 

 And I don’t understand why there is no scope for filing a writ petition in High Court of Kerala, against two murder attempts on me? I cannot be blamed for police not filing FIR and my petition is in fact, against the inaction of police.

I also don’t understand as how you came to the conclusion that there is no scope for filing a writ petition. 

I don’t have to bother law ministry every now and then, if you people at KELSA are helpful. 

Court staffs in KELSA and filing section of High Court of Kerala get paid from public money, for helping people who are helpless. 

I would appreciate it, if you can help me with a lawyer to file a writ-petition on 12 November 2021. 

Prasad Babu
Mobile: 76038 64236
Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com
Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Contents of the second emails sent to Kerala Legal services committee on 10 November 2021. It was marked to law minister of Kerala as well:

I don’t understand why people at KELSA and the staffs in filing section of High Court of Kerala are so rude?

But, I am sure that you people do not have any personal grudge on me. And if it is true, then it’s either you accepted bribe from someone or some favours received by you, is the reason for not accepting my petition since February this year. 

I wrote to law ministry of Kerala to get help from KELSA to file a writ-petition. I have attached a copy of my email to law ministry, for your reference. 

Law ministry of Kerala has forwarded my request to KELSA. And I see Adv. Sherly Mol Thomas coming to the conclusion, that there is no scope for accepting a writ petition in High Court of Kerala and has advised me to approach taluk level service committee. 

If I am not wrong, Adv. Sherly Mol Thomas should be aware that a Taluk level committee cannot help me to file a writ-petition in High Court of Kerala. And a lower court just cannot take up case involving issues from other states. 

I also don’t understand how Adv. Sherly Mol Thomas came to this conclusion as there was no discussion between me and KELSA so far, to affirm that there is no FIR.

Moreover, I did mention in my email to law ministry that my petition is against radicalization. Radicalization means; leading an individual into extremism or terrorism (to make someone work against national interest). And I believe that the honourable high court of Kerala taking petition against it, without an FIR is not against any Indian law.

Hence, I am of the opinion that the email I received is intended to deliberately mislead me. It could be sent for a consideration(bribe), dereliction of duty or lethargic attitude. And the end result is; DENIAL OF JUSTICE. 

And I expect you to explain this to respected law minister, because he is involved. 

India is a democratic country and our law minister is a people’s representative. So those working in High Court of Kerala are answerable to law minister, if not to public. Court’s decisions cannot be influenced by people’s representative, but the Petty politics and bribery involved in making a file reach the magistrate or the other way round, should come to an end.

Indian laws wouldn’t have had provisions for law ministry, if it had nothing to do with court, an autonomous constitutional body. 

What people expect from court is an impartial judgement to uphold justice.

I am sorry to mention that the dishonest and corrupt people like Adv. Sherly Mol Thomas is a disgrace to Indian judicial system. 

Therefore, kindly help me with a lawyer to file a writ-petition in High Court of Kerala on 12 November 2021. All I want is someone who can make my petition reach magistrate.

Prasad Babu
Mobile: 76038 64236
Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com
Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Contents of the emails sent to Kerala Legal services committee on 11 November 2021. It was marked to law minister of Kerala as well:

Respected sir,

This is to inform you that I been trying to file a writ-petition in High Court of Kerala since February this year. Staffs in filing section of High Court of Kerala are not at all helpful and are favouring someone for the bribe received. 

All my efforts to file a writ petition in Honourable High Court of Kerala since February this year was avoided wilfully by those in KELSA and the staffs in filing section. I call it, ‘denial of justice’.

All your efforts are to help someone who obtained a fake passport in my name, went abroad and arranged contract killers to murder me.

 I understand that it is state sponsored, because I don’t get medical treatment at government hospitals. This is because the people who made a deal with you, could have made similar deal with Hospital authority, assuming that it will result in my death. An easy way to save a criminal. 

You probably think that the judgement won’t be impartial, even if you help me file the petition. Let me tell you that I will be as assertive as I am with you and I am pretty sure that the judgement will be free and fair. Government, politicians and any force who bribed you people in High Court of Kerala won’t be able to exert pressure for long.

I see you people in High Court of Kerala talking rubbish like, there is no scope for filing writ petition against two murder attempts, denial of treatment, radicalization, attempts to forced religious conversion and lack of police action despite several complaints. 

You know as much as I do, that the trial happens in the court hall, in front of a magistrate and not at KELSA or in the filing section. Verifying evidence, assuming that there is no FIR and testifying victim or any witness to access the scope for accepting or rejecting a petition is nonsense.   

There is provision to get a lawyer through KELSA, if the petitioner’s income is less than what is specified. And if there is no lawyer daring to prepare and present my petition to the court. Then please persuade people in filing section to forward my files to magistrate as it is. Few issues mentioned in those files may be irrelevant now, because it’s been months since I have submitted them. The defects, your learned people in filing section found in my petition are not bigger than my petition. I am more than happy to accept any penalty or punishment for those mistakes in my petition, if at all there is any.

If you people at high court of Kerala were helpful, then I should have got medical treatment, I would have had money to buy medicines, I wouldn’t have had a situation to carry something lethal, when I step out from my house and my life wouldn’t have been this miserable. Now, I see those who wanted to help the perpetrator is trying to negotiate with me and the bargain is that i should give up everything I have and should forget those two murder attempts and the denial of treatment.

I didn’t get reply for the last three emails, requesting a lawyer. I don’t like you talking rubbish over the phone, or when I visit court. 

I have other appointments and have to work, to earn a living. So, i would appreciate it, if you can arrange a lawyer on next Monday (22-11-2021) or on next Friday ( 26-11-2021). I don’t come all the way from Kuttippuram to Ernakulum (Court), to hear you saying that the lawyers available cannot take up my case and the rest are not available for a week.

This email I am sending you is an open letter, which means this email will be made available for public to read. 

So either shamelessly accept that you people in High Court of Kerala are corrupt. You receive public money in the form of salary and other allowances. The government is spending public money on KELSA to provide legal aid to the poor. And you people accept bribe from rich to deny justice to the poor. The government is paying you the attractive salary with a hope that it will help the poor. And your salary and allowances are given by the government by reducing the expenditure in providing basic necessities for the poor such as food, shelter, medical care, education etc.

Or, be kind to help me file this writ- petition as soon as possible. 

Prasad Babu
Mobile: 76038 64236
Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com
Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

There wasn’t any reply from law ministry of Kerala and from Kerala Legal services committee. The police, court, NIA, PMO, CMO-Kerala, all of them wanted to protect the mule abroad with fake identity. So, the drama continued to create more victims whose lives will be torn apart. This is why I would like to kill the mule abroad with fake identity. Some think that it is right to do anything to save him. 

The filthy rich women in Kerala who was crazy about me, could be a keep of some big businessman or a politician. I don’t want to name them. People in Kerala know them, than I do. People in police may say things like; I am nothing in front of their big money. They also say that even those in police uniform are nothing when compared to influence their big money can bring in. 

A leading bank in Kerala which has branches across India gained some 300 odd crores in 2020 as profit. This 300 odd crores was due to the poor people who invest their only ₹500 or ₹1000 a month. I am just taking this bank as an example, but common people always have the choice to bank with somebody else. Similarly, if those who are sponsoring these filthy rich women who pledged to spoil anyone’s life to teach me a lesson is from political class, then the common people can choose not to elect them anymore. There isn’t any such money which can rule forever. This filthy rich women has a baby girl who will be a teenager in a decades time. And she should understand that people won’t forget things soon.

All the emails mentioned in this article are not edited. Original copy of these emails and my writ petition to High court of Kerala can be downloaded by opening the folder below.

Several incidents in this article are based on my investigation. These are criminal offences and should be investigated by police. Even if there is going to be an investigation to prove me wrong, still I cannot be punished. This article reveals how much the court officials and the police will try to protect the criminals. I don’t mind editing this article with an apology or even deleting this article. But I challenge the courts in India, police and the political class to prove me wrong.

This article or any “letters to the government”, published in flamesofdissent.com is only meant for public awareness and is not to defame the LDF government in Kerala. I appreciate the freedom enjoyed by me in Kerala, which allows me to write fearlessly.

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