Letters to the Government: Volume-2

A textbook example of “Law and order of convenience”:

This is not with an intention to defame India or the
Government. But it is true that all attempts are made to insult the dirty
practices in India, which allows Politicians, Police, Bureaucracy, influential and
the wealthy lot to exploit the poor. These dirty practices are against our
constitutional values. It is the same set of rules used to defend, protect and
save criminals, while punishing the helpless innocents. This system of “law and
order of convenience” allows to punish few at times and few others for
challenging these dirty practices.

The “Information Technology Act 2000”, came into effect in India
twenty one years ago. After that , almost every government agencies started their
websites and started providing their contact email ID. Request for various services
are accepted through online portal and they are governed by this act.

 And the Act says;

An Act to provide legal recognition for transactions carried
out by means of electronic data interchange and other means of electronic
communication, commonly referred to as ―electronic commerce, which involve the
use of alternatives to paper-based methods of communication and storage of
information, to facilitate electronic filing of documents with the Government
agencies and further to amend the Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act,
1872, the Banker’s Books Evidence Act, 1891 and the Reserve Bank of India Act,
1934 and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

In this week’s “letter's to the Government”, I am presenting
a formal complaint registered by me in Kuttippuram police station along with
the acknowledgement I received from them. And the follow up emails sent to DYSP
Tirur, SP, Malappuram police Chief and CMO-KERALA. The Chief Minister of Kerala
handles the home department. Hence, all the emails and a copy of the initial
complaint to police and the acknowledgement from police was sent to CMO

The last email sent to Malappuram police Chief on his
official email ID, could be read by someone in his office  and may ignore it. Or someone may suppress
it. So, the same was sent to his mobile number through WatsApp as well.

In the past, citizens didn’t have the option to get an
acknowledgment slip, for a request submitted to any Government office or to a
minister. Often they are dumped into garbage bin. Same is the issue with police
complaint, where a complaint is not official, unless the complaint is
registered and an acknowledgement slip is provided. But, the emails we send
will be there in our ‘sent items’ and it is as good as an acknowledgement, as
per Information Technology Act 2000. We will get a ticket number, docket
number, an acknowledgement email or an SMS for any request submitted on a Government
website or portal.

My initial complaint to Kuttippuram police station on 29
December 2021, was against a new neighbour who came chasing me till my door
step with an axe. And this was without any provocation. I locked my front door
from inside and he kept abusing me with vulgar words for more than an hour. I
lodged a complaint in the police station and there wasn’t any action at all,
because this was a show organised by police to frame me in a criminal case. And
it was to stop me from getting a passport

I specifically asked them in my email to DYSP and SP to
clarify, if there is any fake passport issued in my name. There could be many
with same name (Prasad Babu). But, it cannot be same name, same address, same
father’s name and same date of birth. And they don’t have an answer yet.

I survived two murder attempts with a liver Injury. My
petition to police, High Court of Kerala, NIA, PMO and CMO-KERALA were not
taken seriously. And those two murder attempts were to save a criminal, who
obtained a fake passport in my name. In fact a fake passport was issued to a
fraud, who used it to go stay in abroad. He came back after an year. Later he
sold it to someone. And the one who brought this fake passport went abroad.

 My death could help
saving  these criminals and those who
helped them. Police, the passport authority of India and all those involved in
it wanted to make me a criminal. Or they wanted to murder me, to hush this

The second deal was to make me accept a new name illegally.
This means, I will loose all my certificates, driving licence, bank accounts, pan
card and everything I had since childhood, which proves my Citizenship in
India. This deal was supposed to make me think that agreeing to this will save my
life. And it failed.

There was a case registered against me in Judicial First
Class Magistrate Court in Malappuram and it was for an unpleasant conversation
over the phone with an MLA. The court wasn’t interested in the case and didn’t
take-up case for scheduled hearing on several occasions. The reason stated was
that they will hear only the cases registered before 2016, due to COVID 19.  Otherwise, the case could have been over long
ago. So, I obtained a letter from court to get passport. Now, I got my passport
and the next hearing or the order was scheduled for 20 May 2022. But i don’t
understand how they could pass an order or give a verdict, even without one
single hearing?

It’s been two years, since this case was registered against
me. So far, I got only one summons ( first summons). I used to track case using
e-court app. Now, I see a summons issued to me all of a sudden and I receive it
through WatsApp.

This is just another strategy for an effective bargain. Read
the emails sent to police department below.

 These letters are not
edited and the original copy of it can be found on my Google drive and you can
find the link in the end.

Email sent Malappuram police Chief:

Respected Sir,

Sorry to bother you every now and then. It’s just that
people in your department just don’t do their job. And I can stop bothering
you, if you can help me fix this one issue. Trust me, I am not misusing your
email ID just because it is available for public.

I been after police, NIA and court regarding me suspecting a
fake passport given to someone in my name and two murder attempts on me to hush
this matter. A recent complaint to Kuttippuram Police station was not
addressed. So I sent the complaint letter and the acknowledgement to DYSP, SP
and to CMO. In that email, I did ask your department to confirm whether there
is any such passport issued to someone in my name or not.  And I didn’t get an answer yet.

I applied for a passport and police objected it, siting a
case pending against me in JFCM Court, Malappuram. I requested the court for a
No Objection Letter to get passport. The case against me is Kerala Police Act
120(o). The court wanted to hear from police before issuing the letter. Last
week, I got a call from Malappuram district police office to know where I
reside and the police station near me. I believe people in Kuttippuram police
station are responsible for it, if there is any fake passport given to someone
in my name. I requested an inquiry regarding the same through PMO and CMO,
Kerala. The request made through PMO was closed by Malappuram police station
stating that it has to be investigated by some national agency like NIA. And I
am not sure how the police in Kuttippuram police station closed that case even
without an FIR. I have already complained regarding the same to DYSP, SP, CMO
Kerala and to the Vigilance. Hence, a recommendation from Kuttippuram police
station may not be in my favour. And it is unfair for them to take a call on
this issue.

If the police in Kuttippuram station are of the opinion that
I am not PRASAD BABU, then they should have arrested me long ago for impersonation.
If they agree that it is me, then there isn’t any law and order issue created
by me. There is no doubt that police, court and the government is trying their
best to protect some criminals, including those who are responsible for me
living with a torn liver. They deny medical treatment for me in government
hospitals to see me dead. And I call it “INDIA AGAINST ME”. It is better for me
to leave India, regardless of my health gets better or worse. I don’t know who
they are, but what they are trying to takeaway from me are the documents, which
proves my Citizenship and existence since birth, if not my life and livelihood.
It is supported by police, court and the government. And I pity Indian
Citizenship for the above said reasons. So, allow me to leave India.

The case against me in JFCM Court, Malappuram is for an
unpleasant conversation over the phone with Kondotty MLA, T V Ibrahim. The
allegation lacks evidence and it’s just that court do not want to take up my
case due to COVID.

One of the reason why I want to leave India as soon as
possible is because your Police Department will render service only for the few
privileged. That makes it a law and order of convenience. And the courts in
India will entertain the poor only as culprits and not as petitioner.

I have attached a copy of complaint letter given to
Kuttippuram police station, acknowledgement received from them and the email
sent to DYSP, SP and CMO for your reference.

Therefore, I would appreciate it, if there is no such
bureaucratic bullshit from police in me getting a passport. Every word
mentioned in this email has evidence, but it doesn’t make any sense talking
about evidence, when it is law and order of convenience.


Prasad Babu

Mobile: 7603864236

Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com

Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Email sent to DYSP and SP:

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I have lodged a complaint in
Kuttippuram police station on 29 December 2021. It was regarding a neighbour by
name SAJI abusing me with vulgar words for more than an hour, after he coming
with an axe till my doorstep to Kill me.

At police station, a constable took me aside and tried to
belittle the issue saying that SAJI is a transgender. They were not ready to
accept my petition.

I called DYSP office, Tirur to make police in Kuttippuram
station accept my petition and it took more than an hour to get the acknowledgement.

In my petition to police, I did mention that I suspect the
entire episode is either sponsored by police or was with their support. The
police who objected my passport application without any valid reason, wanted to
frame me in a criminal case to stop me from getting  passport.

Few months ago, I sent an email to CMO, Kerala, requesting
them to help me file a writ petition in High Court of Kerala. The CMO ordered a
police enquiry on issues in my writ petition to Court. The order from CMO
reached Kuttippuram police station and was either closed without any enquiry or
is kept in pending to help someone.

My writ petition was about Radicalization, me suspecting a
fake passport issued in my name, two murder attempts on me, which resulted in a
liver injury and hospitalisation, etc. The police who took statement from me
didn’t do any sort of enquiry and I have no clue on how it ended.

The police didn’t even confirm weather someone has obtained
a Passport in my name or not. Confirming this could have helped me on the day I
visit court for a scheduled hearing on 01 February 2022.

I applied for passport on 05 November 2021 and visited
Passport Seva Kendra in Malappuram on 25th November 2021. My
passport application was objected by police for two reasons, which doesn’t make
any sense for me. And they are as follows;

Police wanted to verify an address in Tamilnadu.
I don’t know from where police found that address. It is impossible to verify
that address, because no such address exists on planet earth.

The second objection was that there is a case
pending against me in the court. Existing laws in India says that one cannot
get passport in India, if he/she has a CRIMINAL CASE pending against him/her.

The case pending against me in the court is ‘Kerala police
Act 120(O)’.

The issue with my passport application can either be fixed
by police or the court. I believe that both court and police is aware that
someone with a case against him like ‘Kerala Police Act 120(o)’ is not
restricted from going abroad. I have requested court for a ‘no objection
letter’, for getting a passport. I would appreciate it, if the same can be done
by police, which stops court from doing the job of police.

I visited Tirur DYSP office on 04 January 2022, because
there was no action from police on the complaint registered by me on 29
December 2021. I couldn’t meet DYSP as he was not in office, but I did explain
the purpose of my visit to police officers who were present in his office.

Same day evening ASI from Kuttippuram police station along
with few constables visited my place to inform me that SAJI is a transgender
and the issue will go out of their control. As far as I know, police across
India are good at harassing transgender unnecessarily. But here police didn’t
want to act against SAJI, because someone big must have asked SAJI to run this
show and to murder me and he failed to do so. For police, an FIR with section
307 against SAJI is not an option, because it is someone big who sponsored this
show and it was with the support of police. Police expected me to retaliate
violently, when SAJI came to attack me with an AXE. Instead I locked my front
door from inside and called police.

I don’t run a Bar, Resort or a Casino, where there will be
issues every now and then, for me to approach police. And if there are issues
which makes me visit police station often, then it is only because police and
court are sitting on issues known to them from several months to protect some
criminals. And the issues created are meant to make me compromise with criminals,
like what police is doing. I do not wish to visit police station after a month
with another complaint letter, when another incident of same kind takes place.

I don’t expect police and court to fix every issues in my
life. But I would appreciate it, if police can resolve one issue out of many ,
which are part of my petition which was forwarded by CMO in the past. But, here
I see police saying that they have no control over things happening in their
station limit, when I approach them regarding a murder attempt. And there was
absolutely no action from police.

I am also worried that police will come after me, if SAJI is
murdered by someone. There were people who were interested in painting this
issue with communal and Caste colour. I believe that being a transgender is not
a license to harass or kill someone. Killing or manhandling a transgender is
also not permitted by law in such scenario. I do not wish to settle such issues
through caste and religious leaders. Instead, I would like to settle this issue
through police and court.

Recently, CPIM party workers openly alleged that people in
CMO are not good enough to address issues, with which people approach CMO. But
the reality is that the police department in Kerala are used to taking things
lightly when they get an order from CMO, Kerala. The Kerala home ministry is
handled by our Chief minister. But the police department in Kerala seems to
have other bosses to please and is not obedient to Home ministry and the ruling
party (elected government). 

I have attached a copy of my complaint letter given to
Kuttippuram police station on 29th December 2021 and a photo copy of
Acknowledgement received from them as well as a copy of email sent to CMO,
Kerala in the past, for your reference.

Therefore, I request you to take appropriate action to
maintain law and order and to avoid any untoward situation.

Please let me know if the objection raised by police during
my passport verification can be cleared by police, without I having to bother
the honourable court.


Prasad Babu

Mobile: 7603864236

Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com

Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Initial Complaint submitted to Kuttippuram police station:



Station house officer,

Kuttippuram, Malappuram,




Prasad Babu

#427, Trikanapuram,

Tavanur village, Malappuram,

Kerala- 679573

Subject: Complaint regarding a neighbour
creating public nuisance almost every day, shouting abusive words, threatening
to murder me and an attempt to do so with an axe.

This is to inform you that there is someone by name SAJI, residing in
the opposite building of my house from last two months. He drinks almost
everyday and will shout abusive words. It starts with a fight in their house,
after which all his family members will come stand in the road and start
shouting abusive words, which goes all the way till midnight 12:00 Am.

 Couple of days ago, he came sat
in front of my house and started hurling abuses, as if it is meant for me. I
opened the door and shouted at him. He went back to his house. Later he
complained to my house owner. A neighbour of me said that they belong to SC/ST
caste and an issue against them will attract harsh punishment. The summary of
what was told to me is that I should bear with him, even if he shouts
unpleasant words sitting in front of my house.

Nowadays, they  start hurling abuses
in morning and through out the day. The entire family members will make it
appear like a family issue of them. But the show is conducted in the public
road and the abuses are for all those who are living in the vicinity.  

Someone living in Saji’s adjacent
house complained to their house
owner about Saji.  The house owner came
along with few men there to settle the issue. Saji was shouting aloud. I just spoke to Saji’s house owner,
because he is familiar to me. And that made Saji hurl abusive words in front of
them. They asked me to leave and I did so. 

Few minutes later, they left and Saji started shouting abusive words
aloud. I opened my front door and saw him coming with an axe shouting that he
will murder me. I called Kuttippuram police station. Then Saji and his sister's
daughter a minor came to our doorstep. Saji challenged me to touch her, if I
dare. His challenge, the abusive words, he threatening to murder me are all
without a reason. I came back to my house and locked door from inside, because
the lady whom I spoke to in Kuttippuram police station said that she will try
and send someone who are in patrolling. The entire family ( Saji, his mother, his sister’s daughter and his sister) kept shouting abusive words. They kept
threatening saying that Saji’s sister tearing
her clothes and going to police station will be good enough to imprison


I sent a complaint against two murder attempts on me, I suspecting
someone obtaining a passport in my name and few other issues to CMO, Kerala and
PMO. The petition given to CMO, Kerala and PMO reached Kuttippuram and
Malappuram police station respectively. I was not satisfied with the way the
case was handled, which if I am not wrong was even without an FIR. Hence, I
reported it to Vigilance and the reference number is: CPSP432334/2021. I recently applied for a passport and couldn’t get it due to a case (Kerala police act 120(o)) pending against
me in the court. I cancelled my voter ID and pan card which I lost in the past.
And applied for voter ID at my present address. I did mention this in my
Petition to court, CMO Kerala and PMO that the two murder attempts on me were
to save the culprit who obtained a fake passport in my name, while I was away
from home. I already requested a no objection letter from Malappuram court,
because the case against me is not big enough to stop me from getting passport
or going abroad. 

All these above said events under background and Saji coming to stay in
my neighbourhood, two months ago and being a rogue element from day one, makes
me conclude that he is sponsored by someone to save someone. I believe that
Saji is under the influence of Marijuana and a medical test will help police to
confirm this.  I heard that he is from
Kunnamkulam or Trissur. Saji and his family came and rented a house opposite to
mine. Later, he found a job in a hotel. Saji can very well get a job in one of
the hotel in Kunnamkulam or Trissur, where it is people from north are employed
due to non availability of locals . Saji and his family provoking me
unnecessarily could be to file a police complaint to stop me from getting
passport. Or a complaint accusing that I misbehaved with women in his family
could help police settle those issues, which were part of my petition to CMO,
Kerala and PMO. Or Saji could be part of some quotation gang and have come to
my neighbourhood to murder me. 

For all the above said reasons, I request you to take this petition
seriously and take necessary steps to avoid any untoward situation and to
maintain law and order.  And I would
appreciate an acknowledgement for this petition. 


Prasad Babu.

Mobile: 7603864236

Click on the link below to access and download original
copy of this complaint letter, emails and acknowledgement


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