Letters to the government: Volume-1 Example of ‘law and order of convenience’.

The idea is to
reveal the effectiveness or lack of it, in grievance redressal mechanism of
various government agencies in India.

More than 50% of educated ( as per government senses) in
India are not comfortable visiting police station alone, many of them are not
comfortable drafting an email or a letter on their own, many of them would
require someone’s help to submit a request in government offices. Our elected
representatives often brag about their good governance using figures. Most of
those figures are just a mere number to fool the educated middle class.

I am pretty comfortable dealing with police, courts and
rowdies. I run this online magazine, which covers a wide variety of topic. And
if I were to go through this shit, then it is needless to talk about what
ordinary people would go through.

This is the last email sent to India Post's complaints email
ID. A copy was sent to Chief Postmaster General,  Anant Narayan Nanda in Kerala. The email was
forwarded to Superintendent of Post Offices K PREMLAL and to Assistant
Superintendent of Post V J Rajani. But there after it was suppressed or it
ended without any action. The complaint was regarding people in Post Office
trying to make me believe my pin code is incorrect. It is to help someone who
could have obtained a fake passport. And it is an ongoing issue for an year.

The issue is not resolved yet. This means, they would like
to continue it. I spoke to B.Sudha in Assistant Director -Office of the Post
Master General, Northern Region, Calicut-673 011 and she did as much as she
could to brush me.

Contents in the email;

Subject: Complaint which is not resolved, despite me
sending an email to all the above recipients.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Kindly take your valuable time to go through this email
and please refer to the photos and documents to take appropriate action.

This is the second email sent by me and the first one was
forwarded to dotirur.kl@indiapost.gov.in.
Thereafter, it was ignored and the issue is getting worse.

This is to inform you that any letters or a parcel sent
to me through Indian postal service (India Post) is delayed every time, if it
is sent as “speed post”(registered). And those regular letter goes undelivered.

Below is my Residential address in question;

#427, Ward No.10, Triknapuram,

Near Zain Furnitures and Wood Industrials,

Tavanur, Malappuram, Kerala- 679573

I see a deliberate attempt by those in postal department
(India Post) to make me believe that my address is incorrect. By doing so, they
delay registered letters and other consignments by at least a week. And they
will not deliver the regular posts and inland letter cards.

I spoke to few in postal helpline number and it was of no
use. I also raised few tickets on grievances portal on  your website and the issue continues.

 My letters will go
through several redirects and the reason stated is; insufficient address. To be
more specific, they are saying that my pin code ( 679573) is not right. They
will write a pin code (679582) on the envelope to make me believe that my pin
code should be changed to 679582. I have attached photo copy of such envelope,
with wrong pin code written by your staff to mislead me. They do it every time
without fail.

They are saying that I reside in Kaladi and not in
Tavanur Village. Kaladi is far away from where I reside. The Pin code mentioned
in front of Tavanur post office is 679573.

I have attached photo copy of Tavanur post office, the
commercial establishments which are there before and after my house. All of
them has the same pin code (679573) and all of them are on the same road
(Tavanur to Kuttippuram road). I just don’t understand how only my house, which
is in the same road and in-between them could ever have a different pin code?

The only reason I could think of is; Someone obtained a
fake passport in my name. It was used by different individuals. It was with the
awareness of police and several others. There were two attempts to murder me to
hush this matter and I survived a liver injury. Now, the staffs in postal
department are doing everything they could do to save the culprit and are
trying to fool me with Triknappuram South and North.

My letters will go through several redirects every time.
It can be verified in your records,  and
the reason you see will be wrong pin code or insufficient address.

The pin code I use is same as what is there on my ration
card, Aadhar card, Voter ID and the pin code found on Google for my place. The
cooking gas connection we have has the same address and pin code. We get gas
cylinder delivered at doorstep, without any pin code issues.

I believe Indian Postal 
service (India Post) is a courier(Logistics) service provider, owned by
union government and is not the authority to decide one’s address and pin code.

Otherwise, one may have to have two different addresses
for their residence. In my case, the pin code as per Revenue Department, Public
Distribution System (Ration card) and Election Commission of India will be for
the records. And I will have to use a different pin code given to me by the
Post Office Staffs, to get my letters without having to go through this shit.

There were instances of my consignments being damaged and
tampered deliberately. They probably wanted to know what is in it. It was
medicines ordered online from a merchant by name “oneclickcare”. It comes in a
glass bottle, but bottle design is too strong and it will not break, even if
you drop it from five feet. It was packed in thermocol by professionals, whose
business will run only if delivering medicines safely is practical. It is not
exaggeration. I still have that medicine bottle and can prove it to your
staffs, if necessary.

I have had several registered posts delivered at my
address so far by Indian Postal Service. This means that there is no confusion
about my address for those who deliver it.

Two months ago, a registered letter from Regional
Passport Office was delivered to me by Indian Postal Service. The address
mentioned on it is same as what is on my passport. Now, they are redirecting my
passport stating insufficient address. If am not wrong, the postman for Triknapuram
is still the same person. “Speed Posts” will have the contact number of the
recipient and there wasn’t any attempt made to get in touch with me.

I am a small business owner and I keep getting letters
and parcels every now and then. I have already made it a habit of informing the
sender not to use Indian Postal Service due to this nonsense. I run an online
magazine called flamesofdissent.com. I keep getting letters from Police,
election Commission, Vigilance and Income tax department. These letters, which
are from government agencies are often sent through Indian Postal Service by
default and are not registered posts. Recently, there was a letter sent to me
by Vigilance Department and I didn’t receive it.

People use service like “Speed Post” for over-night
delivery. Indian Postal Service promises to deliver “Speed post” faster then
regular letters, if not over-night delivery. But I get such “Speed Post” after
couple of days of unnecessary redirects and the one who delivers it will
lecture me to change my pin code to help someone . To be more specific, the
postman will advise me to have a wrong address, to help the one who arranged
contract killers to murder me.

I cannot attach all the photos and documents in an email.
So, please find all of them in my Google drive by clicking the link below👇

Things in the
folder includes,  photos of post office
in Tavanur, Boards in front of commercial establishments near my house, copy of
envelopes delivered by Indian Postal Service with pin code written by them
using red ink,  the screen shots of SMS from
Indian Postal Service and my last email to you.

I would appreciate it, if this won’t repeat again.

This is not the kind of service people expect from Indian
Postal Department. Private companies are far better. Therefore, kindly take
this email seriously and take appropriate action.

Warm Regards,

Prasad Babu

Mobile: 7603864236

Email: prasad@flamesofdissent.com

Website: www.flamesofdissent.com

Original copy of this email in PDF and all other documents
mentioned in this email is available for download in my Google drive and can be
accesses by clicking the link below👇

Readers can contribute by sending a copy of letter or
email you may have sent to any government agencies for grievance redressal and
the information about the action taken, if any. 

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